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I created a fan page for “facebook purity”, please join, for up to the minute news on releases and the very latest info, cheers. You can become a fan just by clicking the “Become a fan”  button below, or you can visit the Facebook Purity fan page here: The Facebook Purity Page on Facebook

The annoying thing about creating the page was i had to name the page “face-book purity”, instead of “facebook purity”, as facebook dont allow people to use the word “facebook” in their page names, which means it doesnt show up if you do a search on their site  :/ On top of that facebook are blocking links to my site, and not just my site the whole domain, how annoying! If you want to post a link to the facebook purity script on Facebook itself, please use the following link instead it links to a flickr image with the link back to my site in the description of the image.

Facebook Purity

remarkable disappearance of dirt from everything - reward purity!

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