Facebook Purity – Minor Update – Optimised the Script

Ive updated the facebook purity script again, just a minor update. Ive optimised the script a bit, so it should run more efficiently and also added a few more applications to the whitelist  ( tumblr, tweetdeck, digsby and networked blogs) have also removed livingsocial from the whitelist.

N.B If you have edited the whitelist in your copy of the script: Before updating to the new version, copy your whitelist IDs from the current script, and then after installing the new version, paste them into the correct place. If you havent edited the whitelist, you dont need to worry about it.

The updated version of the script can as always be obtained from http://www.fbpurity.com

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One Response to “Facebook Purity – Minor Update – Optimised the Script”

  1. oops, the original version of the update i uploaded contained a bug that would stop the script working, ive fixed the bug and reuploaded, if your script has stopped working since installing this update, please clear your browser cache and reinstall the script, cheers.