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Facebook Purity – New Release – v2.3 – Fixes + Improvements

Facebook Purity is a greasemonkey script that cleans the crap off your facebook homepage, leaving behind a more uncluttered viewing experience. Ive just released a new script update, here are the Facebook Purity v2.3 Release Notes : speeded up script loading time by checking if the DOM is ready, rather than waiting for the whole […]

Facebook Purity – Now even easier to install in Google Chrome v4

Good news for Google Chrome users, with the official release of Google Chrome 4, its now much easier to install the Facebook Purity script, you can now simply click the script link at and it will install the script as an extension. Apparently v4 of Google Chrome is only officially out for Windows at […]

Zinc Oxide – Who knew it was so fundamentally important? (Funny Video)

This educational science video starts off quite serious but takes an unexpected turn for the hilarious! ;-)

Funny Dialogue by 2 AI chatbots – Fake Kirk vs A.L.I.C.E

An artificially intelligent chatbot version of Captain Kirk has a funny conversation with A.L.I.C.E another AI chat bot

3G mobile network coverage map of the UK for the major phone networks

OFCOM have compiled a map of the major 3G mobile company’s network coverage in the UK. The map shows hutchinson (Three), Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. From the map, it looks like Three + Orange have the best 3G coverage, and O2s leaves a lot to be desired. The map was compiled in January 2009, […]

Facebook Purity – FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Purity? Facebook Purity is a Greasemonkey script that helps you to take control of the News Feeds on your Facebook home page. It does this by filtering out the application spam, such as quizzes etc, and also the messages such as “x became a fan of y”, “x joined group y”, “x […]

Ive Created a page on the Flickr App Garden

I just read about the flickr app garden that was released quite recently and have created a page there, for my flickr “apps”. You can go to my flickr apps page here: If you like my flickr apps, please add the page as a favourite. thanks! :)

Ho Ho Ho Hats and Beards all year round on Flickr

During the Christmas period Flickr enable an ‘Easter Egg’ on the site, allowing people to add Father Christmas hats and beards to photos by way of leaving a note on a photo with the text “Ho ho ho hat” for a hat, or “Ho ho ho beard” for a beard. The notes are resizable which […]

Facebook style user tagging for Flickr

Theres a new way to tag your photos to indicate flickr users are appearing in them. Quite a few users have already started doing it. The way it works is to use the following “machine tag” notation, for each flickr user in the photo “flickr:userid=[flickr-userid]” (replacing [flickr-userid] with the userid of the person in the […]

Tweet this Flickr photo – using the new URL shortening service

Flickr have started their own URL shortening service, specific to their own domain. The service uses the domain name. So far I have noticed that individual photo pages each have a short URL that look like so at present you can find the short url for a photo by viewing the source code […]