Facebook Purity – New Release – v2.3 – Fixes + Improvements

Facebook Purity is a greasemonkey script that cleans the crap off your facebook homepage, leaving behind a more uncluttered viewing experience.

Ive just released a new script update, here are the Facebook Purity v2.3 Release Notes :

  • speeded up script loading time by checking if the DOM is ready, rather than waiting for the whole page to load
  • fixed the “block app” function for google chrome v4 + hopefully fixed the random script loading problems too
  • added “attended event” messages to blocked extras list
  • added a new “Extra” option to allow blocking of “commented on status” and “likes status” messages ( see http://extras.fbpurity.com for info on how to enable this)
  • added the palm facebook application to the default application whitelist

You can get the updated version of the script here: http://www.fbpurity.com

N.B If you have previously made changes to the scripts Extras blacklist or Application Whitelist, you should make sure you keep a copy of the lists, so you can apply the lists to the new version of the script.

Also, before re-installing, you might need to clear your browser cache. Google Chrome v4 users will need to uninstall the old version (via the extensions menu), clear your browser cache, then reinstall.

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