Will there be a version of FB Purity for Android or Iphone?

People keep asking me will there be a version of Fluff Busting Purity for Android phones or Iphones?

I’m sorry to say that the answer is currently no. Phone application development is a lot different to writing a browser extension, and a lot more work, so unfortunately, at present i do not have plans to write a phone app.

Though there is an alternative, if you just want to see “Status Updates” and dont want to see all that guff, such as application messages and “whos friends with who” etc, it is possible to choose just to see “status updates” in the android application (not sure if the iphone app is the same, though i expect it would have an equivalent feature).

I found this method by accident, whilst using the android version of the facebook application. When you are on the newsfeed page, at the top right of the screen, should be the text: “most recent” if you click on that text, a select box should show up giving you the following options: “top news”, “most recent”, “status updates”, “photos”, “links”, “pages”, “events”, “videos”, selecting any of those should make that your default newsfeed in the application. so if you dont want to see application updates and whos friends with who and all that other guff, just switch it to the “status updates” feed. again, im not sure if the iphone version of the app is the same as the android version, but i would expect it would have a similar feature somewhere.

If you have the iphone version of the facebook application, please let me know, if it has the equivalent function, so i can update this article, cheers.

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