Facebook Purity v2.1b – fixes display bug, facebook android added to whitelist

I noticed a bug in Facebook today, a lot of text on the home/live stream is being made bold, when it shouldnt be. This was affecting the script, and means the script was not working 100% correctly. This release fixes that issue.

Also new in this release, ive added the Facebook for Android application to the default whitelist.

Ive also added an option in the script to turn off the suggestions box. The suggestions it makes, can sometimes be annoying, if you want to turn off the suggestions box, locate the following text in your copy of the script.
var suggestionsbox=1;
and change it to
var suggestionsbox=0; this will hide the suggestions box.

For info on how to edit a gm script, see my previous post about editing the whitelist : http://whitelist.fbpurity.com

You can get the updated version 2.1b of the script as usual from here: http://www.fbpurity.com

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