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New releases of FB Purity + Ebay Negs!

I released v3.9.1 of F.B Purity, the script / addon for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, that cleans up your Facebook homepage. Changes in this version: Streamlined page processing Fixed font size for group messages Fixed “needs to access data on all sites” message, when installing on google chrome Fixed group wall comments filter Fixed […]

F.B Purity – Script Update v3.9.0 – Adds an option to let you increase Facebook’s font size

Facebook reduced the font size of status updates so they are now quite tiny, and much harder to read for those with poor eyesight. I added an option to my F.B. Purity script / addon for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera that lets you increase the size of the font, to make it easier to […]

FB Purity now available as an Opera 11 extension

Ive just released an Opera 11 extension version of F.B Purity. In case you didn’t already know, F.B purity is a browser script/addon that cleans all the junk from your facebook homepage / newsfeed / newstream. Its fully customisable and easy to use, has thousands of users around the world, and has received great reviews […]

F.B Purity v3.8 released – new features : hide Facebook Questions box, Events Box + Requests Box

F.B Purity, the browser script/extension for cleaning up your Facebook Homepage and Newsfeeds, has been updated to v3.8 – new features : hide Facebook Questions box, Events Box + Requests Box. The script is compatible with the following browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. *UPDATE 28th March 2011* You can hide the new Facebook questions […]

Ive released v3.6a of F.B Purity: lots of new hideable extras, Import/Export Settings + more

I’ve released a new version ( v3.6a ) of Fluff Busting Purity aka FB Purity The Facebook newsfeed cleaning greasemonkey script / browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari : I’ve added the some new hideable extras “Uploaded Photo”, “Uploaded Video”, “Tagged in Video”, “Posted Note”, “Tagged in Note” and “Posted Link”. Also new […]

F.B Purity v3.5 released : hides “started using app/game” messages

I’ve released version 3.5 of the Fluff Busting Purity (aka F.B Purity) Greasemonkey script / extension. It now hides “started using app/game” messages and also new in this version is the custom text filter identifier, which lets you know the specific matched text that triggered the custom text filter. If you already have F.B Purity […]

F.B Purity updated to v3.4a – various fixes including “hide get connected box”

I’ve fixed the F.B Purity script to work with Facebook’s latest code change, which was causing the “get connected box” to be displayed, even if you had selected to hide it. Also fixed a freezeup in google chrome when creating a new friend list and a bug in the custom text filter, that would cause […]

F.B Purity updated to v3.4 – Fixed for latest Facebook code change

I’ve fixed the F.B Purity script to work with Facebook’s latest code change. You can get Fluff Busting Purity v3.4 here: F.B Purity (formerly known as Facebook Purity) – Its The best Facebook news feed cleaner, it cleans the spam, ads and other annoying stuff away

F.B Purity (Fluff Busting) now available as a Safari Extension – It Cleans up your Facebook homepage

I’ve created a Safari Extension out of F.B Purity, the Facebook Homepage cleaning script, which is now compatible with Safari 5. N.B if you have the script version installed via GreaseKit or NinjaKit, you should disable or uninstall it before installing the new extension version of FBP otherwise you might get strange results in your […]

F.B Purity lets you hide Facebook Places messages (Checked in to location)

I just released v3.3 of F.B Purity, the browser extension / GM script for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, that cleans up your Facebook homepage. New in this release: a new hideable extra that allows you to hide updates from the new Facebook Places feature, i think this is currently only available in the […]