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New Greasemonkey script – Export your Picasaweb photos to Flickr

I wrote a new Greasemonkey script that lets you import your photos from your account on the picasaweb website to your Flickr account. In order to run the script, you need to be usin gthe Firefox web browser, which you can get from here: You also need to have the Greasemonkey extension installed, which […]

Updated Greasemonkey Script – Flickr Groups Organiser

I finally got round to updating my Flickr Groups Organiser greasemonkey script. It now works fine with the latest version of Greasemonkey and also the latest Firefox. Ive also modified the script, so the “quit group” links only show up if you click the “show quit links” link at the top of the groups list […]

Updated greasemonkey scripts- flickr multi group sender and flickr inline post editor

Ive updated my Flickr – Multi Group Sender script to include a search box, that lets you quickly search through your group list to find suitable groups to send your image to. Heres a screenshot of it in action: Ive also updated the Flickr PM script to display the users real name and location, if […]

Updated Greasemonkey Script – Flickr Shades

Ive updated my flickr shades greasemonkey script to version 2. The new version of the script lets you customise the colour scheme on the flickr website. Ive added a colour editing screen, where you can select the colours you want to use. You can access the new colour configuration screen via the “Tools/Greasemonkey/UserScript Commands” menu […]

Experiment: Purchase a copy of my GreaseMonkey Script: Flickr : Group Pool Admin – Warn and Delete via new payment gateway: TrialPay

Ive recently signed up for an account with TrialPay which is a new way to pay for things on the internet. A lot of online companies have started using their payment system for their products. I blogged about them recently here As an experiment I have uploaded one of my scripts, Flickr Group Pool Admin […]

More Updated GM Scripts – Flickr Multi Group Sender and Flickr Inline forum editor

I updated another couple of my greasemonkey scripts. This time its Flickr Multi Group Sender and Flickr Inline Forum Post Editor. Ive made them both compatible with the “internationalised” versions of the site. Ive also added a couple of features to the multi group sender. Ive added a little group counter, that counts how many […]

Concrete Baby – An Eerie Sculpture Outside St Martin in the Fields Church

Concrete Baby Originally uploaded by steeev A photo of a concrete baby – An Eerie Sculpture Outside St Martin in the Fields Church. It appears to be chiseled out of the rock, the funny thing is you just see a big square slab of rock from the other side, its only when you go behind […]

GreaseMonkey Script Updates: Warn + Delete + Flickr PM

I finally got round to updating my Flickr Group Pool Admin : Warn + Delete greasemonkey script, so it works with the latest version of GM and also the latest Firefox. Ive also updated my FlickrPM script, to include a link to the nifty Flickr Leech, and fixed some minor display bugs. You can get […]

Flickr – Multi Group Sender Greasemonkey script Update

Ive updated my flickr multi group sender greasemonkey script to work with the latest version of firefox and greasmonkey. Many thanks to Ricardo Ferreira, who helped with the code. Ive also added a new function that automatically saves your group selection each time you click submit, in case you forgot to tick the save group […]

FlickrPM greasemonkey script updated – Mail sending function is now fixed

Since the greasemonkey extension was updated, a number of the GM scripts that I had written broke. I havent had a chance to get round to fixing any of them till now. Well I’ve just updated FlickrPM so the popup flickr mail function works again. You can get the updated script from my Flickr Projects […]