POLL : Which ‘Extras’ would you prefer not to be hidden by Facebook Purity?

Im thinking of changing which ‘Extras’ are hidden by default by Facebook Purity and would like to hear some feedback from the users, what do you people think? I guess it partly depends on the number of FB friends you have as to whether you are swept away by the deluge of updates… Anyway please let me know your thoughts by voting and or commenting on this post, thanks!

Reminder: Facebook Purity has taken a lot time and work to develop, if you like the script and would like to thank me for developing it, please donate to show your appreciation and support.

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4 Responses to “POLL : Which ‘Extras’ would you prefer not to be hidden by Facebook Purity?”

  1. I am a long time user of your awesome script. THANK YOU. And being able to hide the ‘extras’ is the only thing keeping me on FB.

    Personally, I don’t care if you re-add them as visible, as long as I am still able to have the ability to hide them.


  2. It’s so easy to expose them that why would you change the default? BTW, I love that you’ve separated them out on Show instead of just reinserting them back into the Feed where they get buried.

  3. i’m totally in agreement with holly. i find it perfect as is. i wouldn’t be fb’ing without it. :)

  4. thanks for the feedback.