Facebook Purity script fixed again! :D

Due to a code change on facebook on 29th July 2009, my facebook purity greasemonkey script stopped working, so ive updated the script once more to get it working again.

Before re-installing the script, first uninstall the old one, by going to the Firefox Tools menu then selecting Greasemonkey, then Manage Userscripts, then select Facebook Purity, then click the uninstall button. Then simply go to http://www.fbpurity.com and reinstall the script to be quiz and application spam free once more.

If you are still getting an error, try clearing the browser cache first, before reinstalling, as the browser may have cached a copy of the old version of the script.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Purity script fixed again! :D”

  1. Thanks for the update. All better now :)

  2. Love the app. I was getting so frustrated with Facebooks quizzes. It got to the ridiculous measure of not wanting to add new friends because I didnt want to see any more quizzes like ‘which type of bread do you most resemble’? what Muppet are you most like? I mean, it’s not like the quizzes are even accurate. and as for Mafia Wars!!!!!!!

    cheers and then cheers again for the update.