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F.B Purity now comes in all new Firefox Addon Flavour

I’ve created a Firefox Addon version of F.B Purity, the Facebook Homepage Cleaning application. Also fixed a couple of bugs in the script (fixed hide requests box code and also the “began using application” filter) F.B Purity – Cleans up the Junk from your Facebook Homepage

Resurrected, I’ve fixed Ebay Negs! the Firefox Extension

I’ve finally got round to fixing up my Ebay Negs! Firefox Extension to work with the latest versions of Firefox (3+) it even works with the FF4 betas. For those who don’t know, Ebay Negs! is an extension that lets you easily check all an Ebay users Negative and Neutral feedback. It works by interfacing […]

F.B Purity v3.8 released – new features : hide Facebook Questions box, Events Box + Requests Box

F.B Purity, the browser script/extension for cleaning up your Facebook Homepage and Newsfeeds, has been updated to v3.8 – new features : hide Facebook Questions box, Events Box + Requests Box. The script is compatible with the following browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. *UPDATE 28th March 2011* You can hide the new Facebook questions […]

Fluff Busting Purity removes annoying quiz messages and application spam from your Facebook Homepage

Become a fan of Facebook Purity on Facebook: for the latest news and information about the script. IMPORTANT INFO!!! This page is no longer being updated, FBP has moved to Please go there for the latest news and releases of Fluff Busting Purity If you are like me and are sick to death […]