Facebook are trying to ban the F.B. Purity browser extension and its developer from Facebook

Facebook are trying to ban the F.B. Purity web browser extension ( a cool tool for cleaning up and customizing the Facebook experience ) and also its developer from Facebook.

Full story here: http://tiny-url.org/fbpbanned

How to hide / remove Trending Articles and Trending Videos box from Facebook

Lots of people have been wondering how to get rid of or remove the Trending Articles and Trending Videos boxes on their Facebook newsfeeds. Well wonder no longer, as theres actually a simple fix for this.

You just need to install the FB Purity browser extension, then open the options screen, by clicking the FB Purity link at the top of your newsfeed, then tick the “hide read an article / trending articles” box then click “save and close”

Thats it, from now on, all Read an article, Trending Articles and Trending Videos posts in your newsfeed will be removed and hidden from view.

Get FB Purity here: http://www.fbpurity.com

FB (Fluff Busting) Purity v7.5.0 – Adds option for Single Column Timeline Layout + More security and Privacy features

FB Purity Update : v7.5.0

New in this version of the FB Purity browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)is a Single Column layout for Timeline option. As well as forcing Timeline pages to a single column, it also shortens the Cover image, and hides the horizontal “Friends”, “About”, and “Interests” Sections  so it takes up less vertical space. If you wish to see the full size Cover image, you can just click the “TL” button again, or else click on the short version of the Cover image, and the full version will pop up.

Also new is the ability to block Facebook applications at both the application’s Request Permissions page, where FB Purity will insert a “Block Application” button on the page, and the application pages themselves, where a “Block Application” link will be inserted at the bottom left hand corner of each Facebook application page.

You have to wonder why Facebook do not make blocking these applications easier. You also have to wonder why Facebook are censoring all links to the FBPurity.com website.

As you may have noticed Facebook are still blocking links to the FBPurity.com website, and libelling me by claiming my site is “spammy and unsafe”, thats hilarious coming from Facebook, the kings of spam (farmville anyone?) and all those dodgy “Check out whos viewing your profile” viral apps that keep spreading around.

Instead of linking to the fbpurity.com website, please link to this article instead, thanks.

Get the latest version of FB Purity v7.5.0 here

BTW If you appreciate the work I do on making Facebook easier to use, safer and less annoying, please donate: donate.fbpurity.com



( Developer of FB Purity )

Screenshots related to the latest version of FB Purity:

Image shows example Timeline Page in normal Facebook 2 column Layout, and also shows FB Puritys new “TL” button, next to the search box.

Image shows example Timeline Page after clicking FB Purity’s “TL” button, which enables FB Puritys Single Column Timeline layout. Once the green TL button is clicked, a red cross is displayed over it to show that single column layout is enabled. Clicking the button again re-enables the Facebook dual column layout.

FB Purity inserts “Block Application” buttons in all Facebook Application permission request pages, so you can now block applications, that you dont wish to interact with, very easily. It also highlights any apps that request access to your email address by displaying the Request with a pink background, to make the request stand out more, as its often easy to whizz through these screens without reading them, but hopefully this will trigger the user to pay a bit more attention.

Another image demonstrating F.B. Purity adding a “Block Application” button to a Facebook Application’s permissions request page, which Facebook should provide, but doesnt.

FB Purity also adds a “Block Application” link to all Facebook Application pages, which Facebook has failed to provide for some strange reason. This makes it easier to block applications that you have no desire to interact with.

How to disable / remove Facebook Timeline the easy way – with FB Purity

This video shows how easy it is to disable Facebook Timeline with FB Purity in Google chrome:

There are also simple solutions for disabling / removing Timeline in Firefox, Safari and Opera here

Amazing live object tracking in a video stream – Predator / TLD (Tracking, Learning and Detection)

The TLD system is open source and quite amazing, check it out

Please help my research into what people hate most about Facebook

What do you most hate about facebook? Please Take the survey, to help improve FB Purity.

Please take my survey on what people hate most about facebook, as it will help me improve my F.B. Purity browser extension.

F.B Purity is a browser extension that fixes a lot of the things that people hate about Facebook, and also lets you clean it up and customise it.

You can get FB Purity here: http://fbpurity.com

Facebook – Privacy – Transparency – Accountability and what they are doing with your data etc…

Europe vs Facebook website details the battle against Facebooks terrible record on Privacy, and their lack of transparency despite their insistence their users must be transparent:

How to get a copy of the data facebook has stored about you:

Even if you can no longer access your account: This was useful to me, as i wanted to access my data, but couldnt, so I requested them to send me a copy of the data, have also requested that they tell me why they disabled my account, and also requested that they re-enable it.

Gawker Story about Facebooks content moderation procedures and policies: http://gawker.com/5885714/inside-facebooks-outsourced-anti+porn-and-gore-brigade-where-camel-toes-are-more-offensive-than-crushed-heads

Allfacebook made an excellent point on Facebook’s decision to outsource their content moderation operations – “The people charged with making decisions about flagged content are underpaid subcontractors. If there were some way to do this in-house for a reasonable cost, perhaps fewer disputes would arise over content pulled erroneously.”

Facebook disabled my account and also the FB Purity Fan page, that had over 36,000 fans

FB Purity

Yesterday Facebook disabled my personal account and also the F.B. Purity fan page, without any warning or explanation.

Not only have I been cut off from all my friends and family on Facebook, ive also had all my online memories erased and all Facebook messages and photos, and on top of that they have cut off all 36,000 fans from getting support and the latest information about F.B. Purity by disabling the F.B. Purity Fan Page too.

Any emails to Facebook get an automated response basically saying they wont re-enable the account and they wont discuss the reasons for disabling it.

Pretty sh*t all round, and it means the future of FB Purity hangs in the balance. I originally developed FB Purity for myself to fix the annoying things i found with Facebook, but it grew much larger than just my own personal project, and it now has over 40,000 users around the world.

Now that I don’t even have a Facebook account, it seems like theres not much p0int continuing with it, though i expect thats probably the outcome Facebook were hoping for by disabling my account as they dont like users having control over what they see in their newsfeed or being able to customise their Facebook experience.

I have set up a new F.B. Purity Fan Page on Google Plus which you can access via the following redirect URL : fans.fbpurity.com

Please help spread the news, if you have a blog or know anyone in any news organisations etc please pass the story on.

Ive posted the story to Reddit. If you have an account on there, please vote the story up to help publicise the issue.

If you know anyone at Facebook who could help get my account re-enabled, or if you have any other ideas as to what course of action i should take, please do get in touch via the F.B. Purity Contact Form


Steve (The creator of F.B. Purity)


How to disable the Facebook Timeline and re-enable old Facebook Profiles

Fluff Busting Purity

FB Purity Cleans up Your Facebook Experience

I figured out how to disable / delete / hide the Facebook Timeline! Many thought it wasnt possible, but here i will show you how its done, banish Timeline to the pits of hell (till they remove the loophole that is hehe)

Get the full instructions on how to disable Facebook Timeline


F.B. Purity v6.1.1 Released : Fixes various filters + other nice tweaks to make your facebook clean

FB Purity - Decrease the noise and boost the signal

I’ve updated FB Purity to v6.1.1 to fix various issues it was having. Heres the change log:

FB Purity is a free web browser extension that lets you clean the junk from your facebook homepage and newsfeeds. Its available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (and is now also compatible with Seamonkey and IceApe)

Changes in FB Purity v6.1.1

  1. Fixed fan page story filter (which hides stories from the pages you have liked) + the logged in user filter (which stops your own posts getting filtered).
  2. Fixed the attending and attended an event filters.
  3. Fixed the intermittent “FB Glitch” errors that would crop up occasionally on friends list pages.
  4. Fixed the too-wide tabbed textareas on FBPs options screen (css, whitelist + custom text)
  5. Improved tabbed textareas differentiation (so user can see more easily that they are separate entitiies)
  6. Fixed the Upload photo button duplication problem.
  7. Fixed the erroneous “friend requested” buttons, which were showing up, if you clicked on a “became friends” story in the news ticker bar.
  8. Added “shared an event” to the “created event” filter
  9. Fixed the “shared a link” filter to filter out more links than before, as quite a few were getting past the filter previously.

Get the latest version of FB Purity here: http://www.fbpurity.com