April 26, 2005

2 cool Firefox Extensions - Small Screen Renderer and Aardvark - Both useful for developing xhtml for mobile devices.

Found another couple of cool Firefox extensions, both useful for developers working with XHTML and mobile devices.

Small Screen Rendering XPI
This extension basically lets you see what your pages will look like when rendered on a small screen mobile device.

This extension lets you view how a web page has been built, and also useful for troubleshooting page layouts etc.

April 22, 2005

Visual Dictionary - A universal translator for mobile devices

A guy called Phillip Torrone in the flickr hacks forum suggested a Universal Translator application for mobile devices, that would work by using "tagged" pictures from flickr, whereby you would enter a word/phrase in your own language and it would return pictures tagged with that word/phrase, and after all pictures speak a thousand words, so in theory this might be useful if you are in a country where you dont speak the language. Of course it only works if people using your language have tagged pictures with the words you are searching for.

Anyway I thought it would be an easy thing to put together, so I made it, and here it is Visual Dictionary.

And I was surprised to find its been linked to by Makezine and Gizmodo already! Cool! :D

And the original blog post that sparked the whole idea is here

I might update the search so it also searches pictures titles and descriptions at some point, as it might give better results.

UPDATE Ive added a choice of 2 modes now, previously it was always in mobile mode, designed for mobile devices, but now you can choose whether you search in PC or Mobile mode, if you choose pc mode, the thumbnail images and usernames are linked the pc version of the Flickr site, and if you choose mobile mode, they link to the mobile version of the site. The default mode is mobile, though it seems most people are accessing the site from their pc's. I guess mobile internet usage hasnt reached critical mass yet, which is probably due to the high costs or something.

February 01, 2005

Send Email via SMS with Connectotel

Connectotel have got a Free SMS 2 Email service, which lets you send an SMS to a special number and they convert it to an email, which means you can send email from your phone, even if its the most basic ancient mobile phone, as practically all mobile phones can send SMS text messages :)

The good thing is the number you need to send to for both services is the same, so you just need to alter the format of your message if you want to send to a skype user or an email user, also at present you dont need to register for their services to be able to use them, which is cool :)

[info found via textually.org/]

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January 27, 2005

Send free SMS from your mobile phone via GenieTexter

Ive written an application that lets you send SMS via GenieTexter remotely from your mobile phone, my application is basically an HTML webpage with embedded javascript. I decided to write it because a guy called Dean wrote a similar application, but it required 2 Java applications to be installed, one on the phone and one on the PC. My phone doesnt allow the user to install their own Java applications on it, but it can run webpages with embedded javascript and my phone can also send email (for free :) so I decided to write my own GenieTexter remote client that utilises those features.

The application lets you select the contact you want to send an SMS to and lets you enter the message, then when you click send, it pops open your phones email client and lets u send the specially formatted email to the POP3 email account that you have set GenieTexter to check. When GenieTexter checks the POP3 mailbox and finds the specially formatted email message, it deciphers it and sends off your message via SMS to the intended recipient.

Firstly if you havent already downloaded and installed GenieTexter, you should do that now, you then need to setup some SMS services and add some contacts to the GT address book, information on how to do this is available in the GenieTexter Tutorial.

Once you have setup GenieTexter goto http://steeev.freehostia.com/3mail/gt-phone-app.cfm
This is the page that will generate your custom GenieTexter Email 2 SMS client. You need to enter the POP3 email address that you are going to be sending your SMSes to in the first box, then you need to open your GenieTexter contacts file, the instructions on how to do this are on the gt-phone-app webpage, you then need to copy and paste the contents of that file into the other textbox, then click submit. Upon clicking submit you will be presented with 2 options, either to load the file or to save it, you should choose to save the file. Then if you have got an NEC e616v phone you need to email the file to your phone as an attachment. (You need to have already setup your 3mail account, if you havent see the phones instruction book).

Now you need to check your email account on your phone, but you must do this via the Services menu in the phones web browser (clicking the triangle key usually takes you to the web browser on most 3 phones) Then after going to Services you need to select Mail. Once you have selected Mail, you should bookmark this page, as it will make it easier to come back to in future. Tip for NEC e616v owners, if you hold down the button for a couple of seconds when clicking a link you automatically add a bookmark for that link.

Now you are in the webmail client, you need to go to the inbox, and you should have an email waiting for you. Open the email then click "View attachments" Then click on gtclient.htm, then click Download. If youve got a different phone you might be able to just copy the saved webpage directly from your PC to an area on your phone where you can open it in your phones web browser, as that is the ultimate aim of emailing the page to the phone. Anyway you should now be able to see the Email 2 SMS client in your phones web browser. Now that you have this set up. You should setup GenieTexter on your PC.

In order for this to work you need to have a PC that is connected to internet and running GenieTexter, and GenieTexter needs to be setup to check a POP3 mailbox. To setup GenieTexter's POP3 checking function, you just need to goto the Edit menu, then select POP3 setup. Then enter your POP3 email server, username and password, and make sure the "Jammy Client" box is ticked and also make sure the box for "Normal Client" is not ticked. Then click "OK". Now you need to put GT in pop3 checking mode, which you do by going to the "File" menu and selecting "Start POP3 Checking"

Now after all that you can try the Email 2 SMS application out. Go back to your phone and move the cursor to the Select Box under the Text "Send SMS To" and click on it, then select the person you want to send the SMS to. Once you have done that, move the cursor to the Input box under the text that says "Message" click on that then enter your message. Once you have finished, click the send button. You will now be presented with some options, you need to choose Number 4 (Email). You will now be shown the email compose window, with all the necessary data filled in for you :) All you need to do now is to click the send button and your specially formatted email will be sent to your POP3 email box that GenieTexter will be checking.

When GenieTexter checks the email account and sees your specially formatted email it will read it and attempt to send your SMS for you.

While developing this Email 2 SMS application, i found out that if the mobile number you want to send to is in International format eg +447xxxxxxx or 447xxxxxxx then GT's POP3 Email 2 SMS function wont work, it looks like a bug in GenieTexter, as you can only send to numbers beginning with a zero using this system.

I have only tried this application out on my own NEC e616v phone and it works fine, and dont know if it will work on others, I have access to a Nokia 7600 though, so I will test it out on that shortly too. I can see no reason why it wouldnt work on other phones too. People who might benefit from this application are people on the Three network, as at the moment its possible to send free Emails from these phones ;)


UPDATE I just tested the app out on the nokia 7600 but it didnt work. It looks like the Nokia 7600's web browser doesnt support Javascript.

January 11, 2005

Download NEC e616v drivers and file transfer application software

Whilst on holiday i wanted to transfer my files from my phone to a friends laptop, as the phone was running out of memory space, but the problem was i forgot to take the nec e616v software install cd along with me, so i was bang out of luck, i tried doing a search on the internet for the drivers and transfer program, but only managed to find the drivers, which didnt help much as without the file transfer program i couldnt transfer my files to the laptop.

anyway, i was just browsing a 3g website and found a link to the file transfer program installer, though its too late for me, as im back from the holiday now, i hope this helps someone else out in future, so here it is, enjoy :)

N.B Apparently this link to the transfer software doesnt work any more, see the message titled Further Update, below, for an alternative download site.
BTW the file is in RAR format which is like a zip file, but you need to download and install a special program called WinRar to be able to extract the exe file.

Also heres the link to the USB drivers for the NEC e616v phone: http://www.nec.se/upload/USB_Drivrutin_e616.zip

Theres some info on how to install the drivers in the Aussie3g forum: here

Please note these files are not hosted by me, im just providing links to the files that i found on the internet, so if the links dont work, please dont ask me for the software or help with the installation. You could try asking in the forum that is linked above. Cheers :)

UPDATE Another useful file for the e616v is the phone's manual, which is in PDF format and can be downloaded from here

FURTHER UPDATE A lot of people seem to be having trouble getting hold of the file transfer tool, heres another place you can get it from:
you first need to create a free account on the gsmegypt forum, then login with your new account, then goto the following page
You can then download the Transfer Tool from there.

I have also uploaded the transfer program to http://www.driverguide.com

Ive gone to a lot of effort sorting out these downloads and links, so if anyone is grateful and would like to thank me for my efforts, they can donate a couple of quid to my paypal account, which is steeev (AT) gmx (DOT) net

December 17, 2004

GenieTexter now supports sending Ringtones and Logos!

I just made a cool discovery, while experimenting with trying to get GT to send VCards, i discovered that I could actually send Ringtones and Logos.

The secret is sending the right SCKL code, which is documented at: http://www.csoft.co.uk/sckl/

Basically the SCKL code tells the receiving phone that though the message is text, it should be treated as a binary file.

An example you can try is to send the following message


(you need to replace the <space> with an actual space and you need to remove any new lines as well, as the message should just be on one single line) If you send that as a message to a compatible phone (practically all nokias and a few others, see the page at csoft.co.uk mentioned earlier for a compatibility chart) then the phone will recognise it as a ringtone :) Try it out and see if you can recognise the song! :D

Another example is how to send a logo (this info is quoted from the above website btw so all credit to those cool dudes at csoft :)

the image we want to send is a picture of the number 777
in order to send this we need to send 2 separate SMS, the receiving phone will automatically join them together and decode the image. The messages must each be on a single line (they are on both on 2 separate lines here to try and fit them on the page better), and you need to replace <space> with an actual space.





If you do it right the recipient will receive an operator logo with a picture of the number 777. Pretty cool huh? Important things to note, you need to choose your genietexter script carefully when sending these types of messages, as most free sms sites add an advert to the end of your message, or some extra text at the beginning of the message, so this method wont work with those type of sites, the only sites i think that offer you the max 160 characters per sms that genietexter has scripts for are orange_pay, tmobileUK and 1rstwap.

I think this method should work for VCards and VCals too, the only problem is actually converting your data into the binary/digital format. Though i expect theres probably a program out there that will do it for you, it would certainly be a really cool set of functions to add to GenieTexter i think you would agree! :D

UPDATE If you are wondering how to convert files into the SCKL format, you could try using a program called "Ringtone Tools" Which despite its name can convert music and graphics files to SCKL format.

December 09, 2004

How to browse the web via email on your 3 UK phone with my new phone application, www3mail

Ive written a web page application that you can use on your 3 phone, it will let you grab web pages and files from the internet, thus getting around 3's "walled garden". I have so far only tested this application out on an NEC e616v, so dont know if it will work on other 3 handsets, I dont see any reason why it shouldnt also work on other 3 handsets, please let me know your experiences, cheers.

The way it basically works is it lets you enter a URL, and you send that URL by email to a web service that grabs the Web page or file that you have requested from the web and emails it straight back to you.

Installation of my www3mail application is easy, just save the www3mail web page to your computer then send it as an attachment via email to your 3 phone's 3mail account.

Now you need to open your phones email client and open the email attachment. The problem is the phones built in email client, which is accessible by clicking the Msg softkey and then clicking on 3mail, doesnt let you view html attachments, so the solution is to open the phones "web browser" and go to the services page where you can check your 3mail via a webmail type interface. To do this you need to click the triangle button on your 3 phone which opens the phones browser, now go to the services page, then select Mail. To make this process of opening the webmail client quicker in future its a good idea to bookmark this page, then in future you can just open the browser, select bookmarks then select Mail. Anyway you should by now have a new mail in your Inbox. Open it then drill down to the attachment and click on the attachment and it should open the attached www3mail web application in your phones browser. You should also bookmark this page, as the process of opening the mail and then drilling down to the attachment is a bit long winded, so if you bookmark the attachment, you will be able to return to it much quicker in future :)

Once the www3mail application page has loaded, you are presented with a number of options.

First you need to select the retrieval service, next you need to select what type of web query you want to make. The default selection is "grab this url", which lets you enter a full URL into the text box below, and when you submit the page to the webgrabber service, it will grab that page and email it back to you.

The other options basically let you enter search terms for various search engines, thus saving you having to type in extra long URLs. The search options available at present are: Search Google, Search Google (alt), Search Google News, Search Google Groups and Search IMDB.com

After entering your query and pressing submit, you will be presented with a choice of either sending the message as an SMS, an MMS or an email, you need to select email. After you do that, you will be in the email sending window, with the email you are about to send ready assembled. All you need to do now is click the send button then wait for the service to send back your requested page or file.

Though this system works, theres a number of flies in the ointment:

1) 3 started charging to send emails on 1st December, I think it now costs 25p to send an email, even if its just 1 or 2 lines long! Imagine trying to surf the web at 25p per page! it would soon work out rather expensive, though i guess it might be useful in emergencies. But if it was an emergency, the second fly in the ointment wouldnt help much.

2) The amount of delay between sending out your request and the reply coming back can sometimes be quite long, you would need to find a faster grabbing service, as the current one is quite slow to respond. Anyone fancy offering such a service to 3 UK users? :)

3) There is no instant notification of emails arriving in your inbox, well there doesnt appear to be any on my NEC e616v handset, perhaps other handsets do have this feature. So you wont know if your request has been answered or not.

I will leave you with this extra tip. Go into the phones settings and make the font smaller, this will mean you can fit much more text on the screen. Quite handy for reading long emails or web pages.

Another tip is I suggest you try out the www3mail application in your web browser on your pc before installing it on your phone. Just to familiarise yourself with how it actually works.

Anyway I hope someone finds this article helpful, perhaps if you are still getting free email on your three UK phone, it could be of some use.

Oh BTW i should point out the agora webpage grabbing service is only meant for research purposes, so bear that in mind. Someone should set up a similar service just for 3 UK users, would be cool! :)


Just had some more ideas, another thing to be aware of is that you could use this application to retrieve other types of files eg multimedia content, so it could actually work out cheaper, than downloading 3's own content. For example say someone encoded a video and put it on the web somewhere, you could download it via this process for 25p whereas 3 would charge you 1.50 or whatever the rate is for video downloads.

*Just had another Brainwave!*

Another idea that would make it even cheaper (free even), if you could get the application to work via SMS it would work out even cheaper, as the requests that are sent by email are quite short, the info that is sent could fit in an SMS, if someone were to setup a service where you could SMS your request for a webpage or file, and the service would then email the webpage or file back to you, (you would need to register your number with the service first so they know what email address to send the files to) then it would work out at 10p a page, or if you had inclusive text messages on your contract completely free!!

If you liked this article you might also be interested in an earlier article i wrote which was about connecting your PC to your NEC e616v mobile phone so that you can send and receive 3mail directly on your PC. You can read that here: http://tinyurl.com/5yue4

YET ANOTHER UPDATE Ive heard rumours that sending mail via the phones built in email client is still free, people in various forums have noticed that they can still send emails via the built in email client when they have run out of credit on their pre-pay phones. If you try to send email via 3's webmail client, you will still be charged. And the good news is that my www3mail web browser uses the phones built in email client to send webpage requests, so in theory you shouldnt get charged for using it :) !!!!!

Further Update
I have done some research into what browser the nec e616v phone is using, it appears to be NetFront3 by a Japanese company called Access. A list of phones with the NetFront browser in it is available here: http://www.access-us-inc.com/Prod_Deploy_Mobile.html in theory my application should work with most of those phones...

November 29, 2004

NEC e616v built in web browser supports XHTML and javascript!

Ive discovered that the web browser built into the NEC e616v supports xhtml and also javascript! :) which means you could write applications for it using javascript. The browser is called "NetFront 3" and its by a japanese company called Access.

It seems the only way to get the javascript/html files onto the phone is to email them to your 3mail account though, and then you need to goto your 3mail account via the phones browser, i.e click the triangle button, then goto the services page and then to the mail page. The reason for this is if you try reading your mail from the phone's built in mail client, which you can access by selecting the "msg" option then 3mail, it wont let you read any .htm or .html file attachments, but if you read your 3mail via the phones "web" browser, you can view html attachments :D

Anyone got any ideas for some useful javascript applications that would come in handy and that dont need to access the internet outside of 3's walled garden?

UPDATE I forgot to mention the browser also supports animated gifs :)
Someone should do a page of all the things it supports, or if someone could get a technical document outlining the browsers capabilities that would be v.cool too :) If anyone knows any more info on other cool things the browser supports, let me know. I have tried mailing a .jar and a .jad file and also a .swf file to my 3mail account, but it seems to block you from opening these types of files.

Further Update Ive written a javascript application for this phone, that lets you browse the web outside 3's walled garden. You can read all about it here

Yet Another Update Ive written another application that lets you interface your 3 phone with GenieTexter the free SMS sending application. Which means its possible to send free SMS from your phone. You can read all about it here

November 25, 2004

Breaking out of 3's walled garden - how to surf the web on your 3 mobile phone?

The 3 mobile network in the UK have for reasons best known to themselves, only given access to their own website content on their customers 3G phones. Im sure you would all agree that this is pretty lame.

Well i just thought up a way around it. Its not perfect but it does work, basically it involves sending your requests for webpages via email to a service that grabs that page and then emails it back to you.

This article at Evolt, lists a couple of services of the type I am talking about.

A major selling point of getting a 3 phone at the moment is that it offers free email sending and receiving at present, though this is going to end on 1st December 2004 according to the latest price guide posted on the three website. So till then, I guess this is the only way that 3 phone users can access the multi splendoured delights that the internet offers (well text content only anyway hehe).

Im going to carry on testing out this idea, and will post back the results here. If you have any ideas or experience of doing this already, please let me know, cheers.


UPDATE I tried out the web2email service offered by agora@dna.affrc.go.jp as mentioned in the Evolt article and it worked extremely well! The only downside is of course the delay between sending the request and getting the email back, and the other being that theres no automatic notification when an email arrives. Anyway useful for doing google searches! And grabbing news headlines from a website? maybe grabbing an RSS feed? any more useful ideas?

FURTHER UPDATE I tried emailing a html web page as an attachment to my 3mail account and found that although you cannot read it in the MSG -> 3mail section, (when you try and read the html attachment, you get an error message saying X Attention Unable to open file. This type of file cannot be read on your handset. Though if you open the phones browser then goto Services and then to Mail, opent the mail and you can view the html attachments ok. Once youve selected the mail with the attachment, you need to click "Attachments" and then click on the file and then download it to view it. Nice :)

I wonder if the e616v's browser can also view web archive files, that would be handy, cos then you could mail a web archive of a site to your phone and browse the site that way. hmmmm need to do some further testing i guess :)

November 24, 2004

Accessing your 3mail - email and 3's "walled garden" content on your PC via your NEC e616v

I just figured out how to connect my PC to my my NEC e616v mobile phone so that i can send and receive my 3mail directly on my PC.

Firstly in order to actually check your 3mail account on your PC you need to connect your PC to your phone, i believe you can do this via Bluetooth as well as USB, though im not 100% sure, as i dont have a bluetooth adaptor for my PC, in my case I connected it via USB. To do this you need to just put the cd that came with your phone into your PCs drive and then plug your phone into the usb socket. Then just go through the hardware wizard, you need to install 4 drivers, so just follow the wizard, and it should install them all for you.

Once youve installed the drivers, heres the instructions on setting up a connection to your phone for Windows 2000 users, it should be similar for other windows operating systems too.

1) Go to Start/Settings/Network and Dialup Connections
2) Make New Connection
3) Click Next
4) Dial up to the Internet
5) I want to setup my internet connection manually
6) I connect through a phone line and modem
7) In the drop down box, select "NEC 616 USB Modem"
8) Click Next
9) Untick the "use area code and dialling rules" box
10) Enter *99# as the telephone number
11) Click Next
12) Enter your 3 mobile number as the username and leave the password blank
13) Click Next
14) you will be warned that you havent entered a password, ignore the warning and continue
15) Give your new connection a name, something like "NEC e616v" should do
16) Click Finish And thats the connection to your phone setup.

17)Make sure your USB cable is plugged into your phone
18) Go back to the "Network and Dialup Connections" window and double click your new connection.
19) After a few seconds you should now be connected to your phone.

20) Follow the instructions which ive quoted below, originally posted by Dimitri Sampson in the 3gnewsroom forum on how to setup your 3mail in outlook/express or whatever IMAP compatible mail client you have on your PC.


Once you are connected, you can startup Outlook or your mail program and put in the following settings :-

IMAP Server - imap.three.co.uk
SMTP Server- smtp.three.co.uk
Username - your email name (e.g. dmitris)
Password - your password (the one you setup when you first started 3mail on your phone, usually a 4 digit pin password)

with this you can pull in your emails and any voicemails down to your PC.


21) you can also browse the walled garden content in your web browser, though i seem to be having a problem getting this working, i can see the pages, but i cant seem to click the links, if anyone can figure out whats wrong please let me know. Anyway to get to the walled garden content enter the following URL http://mobile.three.co.uk/hb/vtb/HutchKey/ into your PCs web browser while you still have a connection to your NEC e616v phone or try this one http://mobile.three.co.uk//hb/3g/uk/vtb/grid/live which shows you the services page.

Enjoy exploring :) And if you find out how to get the webpages to work, please let me know... Cheers,


November 19, 2004

Which is better - Nokia 7600 or NEC e616v ?

I recently purchased a Nokia 7600 and an NEC e616v, both phones are on the 3 network and have quite similar specifications. I have been comparing them, and i must say I havent used the 7600 much, as i only really switched it on to unlock it. The phone is too weird looking for my liking and the keypad isnt conducive to txting, anyway heres a few comparison points i have noticed:

7600 has a full bluetooth implementation, so can connect to any bluetooth device
e616v can only connect to bluetooth headset devices, though it can also act as a modem over bluetooth.

Both phones come with a USB cable, for transferring files such as video, ringtones, and mp3s to and from your pc. You cant transfer java games to the NEC phone, but apparently you can do this with the Nokia.

7600 has a full XHTML web browser, though you cant browse the internet, just 3's website.
e616v has a full xhtml browser too, but you cant make full use of it because you can only browse the content on the 3 website, you cant access the internet at all.

7600 has got a very intuitive user interface - great usability! (talking about the menu system etc, not the fiddly keypad)
e616v user interface is a little bit confusing, but not too bad, doesnt take too long to get used to it.

e616v can do video phone calls, and you can also record short video clips.
7600 cannot do video phone calls, though you can record short video clips.

e616v has 2 cameras! one on the front and one on the back
7600 has just one camera on the back.

7600 has got 32Meg in built ram.
e616v has got just 19Meg in built ram.

7600 has no memory card expansion port
e616v has a memory stick duo memory card expansion port which means you could fit more mp3s, photos and videos on it.

e616v comes with 2 batteries (1 heavy duty and 1 slim one) though i guess this is due to the poor battery performance, the heavy duty battery sticks out a bit and makes the phone look ugly, and the slim battery doesnt last very long at all.
7600 comes with 1 battery, i have heard that the battery lasts longer than the NEC one.

7600 keypad is really fiddly, absolutely rubbish for entering text messages or emails, practically impossible to use with a single hand.
e616v has a standard mobile phone keypad, so easy to enter texts with a single hand, and better for people with big hands, the nokias buttons are a bit on the small side, and really close together.

7600 has an infra red port
e616v doesnt have infra red port

7600 has a full java MIDP implementation, which means you can freely download java applications and games.
e616v has a closed off Java implementation, which means you cant download java apps and games freely, and have to pay to download them.

7600 comes with 2 games built in
e616v doesnt come with any games

e616v has a light on the front for the camera, great for taking pictures in the dark, the light can also be used as a torch, if you hold down one of the volume buttons on the side of the phone for a couple of seconds, the light comes on!
7600 doesnt have a light for the camera, though it is supposed to have a low light camera setting.

7600 has much better sounding ringtones, and uses standard midi files, i believe you can also even use mp3s as ringtones!
e616v you can use midi files as ringtones, there is a limit of 20k on the size of the midi files you can use, you cant use mp3s as ringtones.

7600 is easy to unlock to allow u to use different network's sim cards (you can unlock your 7600 and a whole load of other phones here: http://www.trycktill.com/eng/
e616v isnt so easy to unlock to allow u to use different network's sim cards

7600 comes with some cool stereo earphones, which look quite similar to ipod ones and also double as a handsfree kit
e616v comes with a crappy mono earphone hands free kit.

e616v the quality of video recorded with the camera seems quite good
7600 the quality of video recorded with the camera seems a bit "blocky"

e616v can download a video and save it for playback at a later date, or it can stream the video file in "real time"
7600 can only stream video files, it cannot download and save video files

e616v comes with GPS
7600 doesnt have GPS

7600 flat and open design doesnt give any protection from scratching or damage, or from dialling people when the phones in your pocket,
e616v is a clamshell design (which means you cant accidentally dial people by mistake, when something rubs against the phone), and the phones screen is also protected from damage

anyone else got anything to add?

as to which one is better i cant really decide, i am thinking of selling one of them, but cant make my mind up. really i would like to keep both, as they both have features that i really like, ideally i would like to create a frankenstein machine with the best features from both phones... now where did i put my hacksaw LOL


*UPDATE* I recently took my trusty NEC e616v on holiday with me to Japan, and was pleased to find out that the phones charger works fine on the japanese power supply, even though its completely different to the UK's. All i needed was a plug adapter which i picked up in the airport for around 3.50.

Whilst on holiday I also noticed one majorly disappointing feature of the phone, and that is that you can only store 100 photos no matter how much memory the phone has remaining, this was extremely annoying. At first i thought i would be able to remedy the problem by buying a memory card for the phone, but alas after installing it I found I still couldnt take any photos as the 100 images limit had been reached on the phone. Talk about crap! I believe there is also a limit on storing only 100 video clips on the phone too. How lame is that? Luckily I havent reached the limit on storing videos yet. It wouldnt have been a problem if I had taken the cdrom with the drivers and transfer program along with me, as i would have been able to transfer all the images onto a pc, and then deleted all the photos off the phone, allowing me to take photos again, but unfortunately i forgot to take it with me, and i had no luck in finding the transfer software online. Oh well, for anyone else looking for the transfer software and drivers for this phone, see my recent blog entry on the subject.

Further Update Someone on the 3g forum has posted a way to get round the 100 image limit on the e616v phone. More info can be found here.

November 12, 2004

New GenieTexter Script - Cellebrum - Send International SMS from your PC!

Ive written a new script for GenieTexter, this one is for the Cellebrum site, which allows you to send SMS interationally, i think its an Indian site, because sending SMS to India from that site seems very cheap :)

As usual see the GenieTexter site for more details.

Info: GenieTexter is a small (130k) application for Windows PCs, that lets you send free SMS from your desktop, it also interfaces with some paid SMS services for extra reliability.

October 13, 2004

Google SMS - You can now Search Google via SMS!

This looks pretty cool, Google have now setup an SMS interface to their database. Find out more info here: http://www.google.com/sms

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August 19, 2004

Free London Travel News alerts via SMS and Email

Transport for London have a free to use service which makes it easy for you to get real time travel news wherever you are.

  • Monitor your favourite routes on the Tube and DLR (for example your route to work and back) and receive details of delays before you reach the station.
  • Receive free text messages on your mobile phone containing real time travel news for your route when you need the information most!
  • Receive an email with the latest real time travel news for Tube & DLR as well the latest local news headlines from BBC London.


July 31, 2004

Get GenieTexter to read out your emails to you.

A guy going by the username of AkaDruid suggested this great idea in the GenieTexter forum.

If you used the txt2speech GT script in conjunction with GT's POP3 mail checking function. You could get GT to read out new mails that arrived in your pop3 mailbox. The great thing is you can set up filters in GT to only alert you to important emails.

I couldnt get this idea to work previously, but realised just now that though i had put in all the right settings for the pop3 checking, i hadnt actually started the mail checking function. I had presumed once you entered all the settings, it would automatically go off and start checking. DOH!

Anyway the idea works really well, try it out.

To make it work, you need to install the txt2speech script (using the Service Manager in the Tools menu) then select that script. Then setup the POP3 settings in the Edit/ POP 3 Setup menu. Then start the POP3 checking by selecting File/Start POP3 checking

July 22, 2004

New GenieTexter script: Text2Speech - Now you can create messages spoken by a computerised voice

Ive written a new GenieTexter script called Txt2Speech, it doesnt actually send a message to anyone at present. It just sends the message to a text to speech converter and plays the sound back.

The text to speech converter is at http://www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html The voices are quite good quality, and some of the "foreign" ones are quite funny :)

Anyway theres an interesting discussion about my new script in the GenieTexter forum here

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July 13, 2004

GenieTexter now supports sending free faxes :)

I just wrote a script for GenieTexter called TPCFaxSender (available through the GT service manager)

It allows you to send free international faxes. Not all numbers are covered by this service, so there is an extra function in the GT extras menu, that allows you to check whether the number you want to send to is covered.

GenieTexter, the free SMS sending application is available for download at http://www.genietexter.co.uk

June 29, 2004

Send Free SMS via email

GenieTexter, the free SMS sending application has a feature to check a pop3 mailbox for emails that are formatted in a special way, i.e with the mobile number you want to send an sms to and the sms message itself, if the message is correctly formatted, GenieTexter pulls out the message and the number from the email and sends the message to that mobile number. Pretty useful feature, if you have got a PC on an always on internet connection. As you could use it to send free SMS from wherever you are, as long as you have access to email.

Theres also another way to send free sms via email, quite a few mobile networks allow you to send an email to a mobile phone if you format the email address as the users mobilenumber@thenetworkswebaddress.

Heres a list of networks that allow this. most of the companies listed seem to be American, but there are a few other countries networks there too. The only downside of this is I think the person receiving the email on their phone might have to pay for the message! This is certainly the case for T-Mobile UK, who I have the utmost disrespect for, due to the fact they are ripping off their customers left right and centre. What if a spammer got hold of this information and started spam emailing your mobile phone! You would very soon either lose all your credit (in the case of a Pay as you go phone) or else go bankrupt in the case of a contract phone!

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wrote a new GenieTexter script the other day, its for vgsmail

I wrote a new GenieTexter script the other day, its for vgsmail.com, this script interfaces directly with the vgsmail http API, which means all the extra HTML stuff doesnt have to be downloaded from their website, which in turn means the SMS sending functionality and balance checking functionality are a lot faster in this script than the old VGSMail script. The script is called vgsmail-API and As usual you can downlaod the script through the Genietexter service manager.

June 16, 2004

New GenieTexter scripts: Fonetastic

I released a couple of new GenieTexter scripts today, they are both for the same site: www.fonetastic.com

you get 10 free SMS text messages a day and they allow international sending, are replyable, and you can earn more messages.

you can download the scripts through the GT service manager as per usual.

June 09, 2004

How to take your mobile phone apart and put it back together again

Just found a cool site that shows you step by step how to dismantle your mobile phone and put it back together again: www.uselessinfo.org.uk

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June 08, 2004

Want to find out what network or country a mobile phone number is?

Want to find out what network or country a mobile phone number is?
go here http://www.numberingplans.com/index.php?goto=isdn enter the number and they will tell you.

They also have a similar service on the same site for entering the IMEI number of a phone and it will tell you the make and model number of the phone plus lots of other useful info.

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Get your mobile phone "unlocked" for free

If you need to unlock your mobile phone so you can use a sim from a different network provider, go to
http://www.uniquephones.com/unlock/ where they offer a free unlocking service. You just have to enter some details about your phone such as the model number, network its currently on and the IMEI number, then the site gives you the codes to type into your phone to unlock it. Just tried it the other day on a nokia 8310 and it worked no problemo! Excellent service, some mobile phone shops charge 20 to 30 quid to unlock phones normally!!!

*UPDATE* I think the uniquephones service is no longer free and they charge a small fee for the unlocking service now. Never fear though, as theres a new free unlocking service in town! :D http://www.trycktill.com/eng/ and it can unlock nokia, LG, panasonic, siemens, vitel and maxon, never heard of the last 2 but there you go :)

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May 25, 2004

The new script upload and Scripts page for the GenieTexter website is finished

Ive finally finished the new script upload, Scripts and scripts admin page for the GenieTexter website.


I'll start uploading my new and improved scripts shortly :)

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May 17, 2004

Found another Free SMS site: www.topup.ie

I Found another Free SMS site today: http://www.topup.ie. They give 30 free SMS text messages a month and allow international signup and international sending.

I'm pretty sure there will be a GenieTexter script along shortly for this site :)

Update: and here it is :) topupie.xml

As usual you can download it and install it from here or you can wait for it to be added to the service manager, which reminds me, i really should get back to finishing the upload manager off, Dont worry, its nearly done promise! :)

EXTRA UPDATE: The topup.ie site is no longer giving away free SMS texts. If you are still looking for free texting try another one of the other free SMS service providers listed at the GenieTexter website.

May 14, 2004

Ive Released a new Genietexter Script called TextitGreetings

New Script: TextitGreetings

No signup required, international sending,

This script lets you send a free predetermined greeting via SMS text message, from a range including International Christmas greetings, International new years greetings, valentines day greetings, mothers day greetings

Usage instructions:
If you havent already downloaded GenieTexter, you will need to do that first. Then you need to use the Service Manager, in the Tools menu to download the script. This script doesnt need a username and password, though the sending page "requires" you to enter your phonenumber and postcode, so just enter your phonenumber and postcode (doesnt have to be your real ones for the username and password and these will be sent to the sending site) Another thing to realise is you will get asked to enter a code number, you can check what code number you need to enter on the web page that should pop up when you click send.

Though the message is a predetermined greeting, u can add something to the end of the message, where it says sent by: xxxx ( the script adds the actual Message that you type for the xxxx part,
you only get 30 characters, but i guess u could enter a small message there

enjoy :D

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May 05, 2004

The Genietexter.co.uk website is now back up

The Genietexter.co.uk website is now back up! if u cant access it yet via the genietexter.co.uk address (the nameservers round the world take a while to update), heres an alternative address you can use: http://genie.reborn-network.co.uk/scripts.php

Update: Not only is the website back, but its got a brand spanking new forum, with lots of new features, NICE!

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May 04, 2004

Genietexter.co.uk is still down, so I've setup a Genietexter mailing list and forum

Genietexter.co.uk is still down, so I've setup a Genietexter Yahoo Group/mailing list and also a forum for users who want GenieTexter support or to discuss GenieTexter in general.

GenieTexter Yahoo Group | Unofficial GenieTexter forum

Update: Henry has sorted out his webhosting problem, and the genietexter.co.uk site should be back up and running again soon. :)

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April 30, 2004

Ive updated some of my SMS scripts

ive updated the 118.sms SMSsend script, also the b4utxt, uboot and lycos genietexter scripts.

you can get the udpated scripts through the usual channels, i.e the autoupdate features, in the respective programs.

118 have changed their web address, so it was simply a matter of replacing the old url with the new in that script. In the genietexter scripts ive just added some "extra" nodes, for added functionality.

April 28, 2004

I've written a new genietexter script for vgsmail.com

Ive written another script for genietexter, this time its for vgsmail.com they offer cheap sms sending and 14 free sms to start off with. Ive also updated the sms.ac and tiscali_uk scripts.

For the sms.ac script ive added in some "extra" functions including credit summary, inbox and outbox. For the tiscali_uk script ive fixed the sending to international numbers bug and also fixed the texts remaining function.

As usual all these scripts are available through the genietexter services manager.

April 14, 2004

Tiscali Free SMS via GenieTexter

I finally got the tiscali uk genietexter script, for sending free SMS via the tiscali.co.uk website, working. I turned off images and javascript in my browser and it made it simpler to figure out the essentials needed to be put into the script. You can get the script and the genietexter application at the Genietexter.co.uk website

T-Mobile Freephone Helpline

Just found out about the freephone T-Mobile helpline, i am deeply shocked that they have a freephone number; the way they are blatantly ripping off their customers, especially those using "pay as you go"

For example a 30 minute call on the T-Mobile Pay as you go "Everyone" tariff will cost nearly 10 quid!!!! what a rip off! I feel sorry for all the users who got dumped on to this tariff when T-Mobile took over One-2-One, luckily i managed to stay on the "Standard" tarriff, but its still a ripoff, I dont tend to use my phone much anymore as a result.

T-Mobile's UK Freephone Customer Service numbers are 0800 956 2120 and
0808 121 9999

The irony of it is that its not free to dial an 0800 number from a T-Mobile phone, its actually 40p a minute at any time!!!!! which is the same for Local (e.g 0845) and National (e.g 0870) toll numbers. F*cking outrageous if you ask me!

Another top tip is visit this website if you are fed up of paying too much to talk to companys that charge you to ring them. www.saynoto0870.com

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Send and receive SMS from your BT landline phone.

I just found out about BT (British Telecom)'s new SMS service for landline phones, its quite interesting. In order to send an SMS from your landline phone, i think you have to have a special phone with texting capability, but any BT landline phone can now receive an SMS message! If the phone has CLI (caller line identification) i think the message is displayed via the screen, but if you have a basic no frills phone, you get a phone call and a computer voice reads you the text message.

I just tried it out, sent myself a text from a t-mobile phone to my home number. The message took about an hour or so to arrive, but the fact it got there at all is quite impressive. Its quite freaky having your SMS read out to you, the voice isnt too bad, its better than Stephen Hawkings voicebox anyway, its a calm female voice, it just sounds a bit lifeless. A cool option would be to let you choose the characteristics of the voice that reads the message, such as whether its male or female and the speed of reading, something like the voice functionality on Apple Macs would be brilliant, the computerised voice on the Mac cant be beaten, well i've yet to hear something as entertaining as the serial killer voice or the singing voice, hilarious stuff!

BT Text SMS service for BT landline phones.

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March 23, 2004

Cool new free SMS Sending program in beta testing.

Genietexter scriptable version (beta) is now available for testing.

http://www.genietexter.co.uk (GenieTexter)

ive written some sms scripts for use with the new version of genietexter, they can be obtained here: smsac.xml and textmine.xml

The smsac.xml script is for sending sms via the sms.ac portal. They let you have 8 free texts a day, allowing international texts and also replies to your texts. They also give you 150 free texts as a bonus to use in your first week of signing up, or more if you sign up at the same time as a friend, pretty cool offer. The textmine.xml script is less useful as textmine.co.uk only give you a one off allowance of 10 free texts but the replies go straight to your phone.

March 04, 2004

Free SMS in the UK

EGenie was the first windows program i used for sending free SMS, it was cool as it was the only program of its kind at the time, it worked by allowing you to send text messages via the Genie.co.uk site (now renamed to o2.co.uk). Then along came Genietexter, which also let you send SMS via the o2 website but offers lots of new extra features, including the ability to send SMS via other free SMS services.

The problem with both of these programs is the slow turnaround time in getting the programs updated, dont get me wrong im not criticising the programmers behind the 2 programs, as i realise how much time and effort it takes to maintain free software of this kind. I guess its partly the fact that these 2 programs are closed source, which adds to the apparent slowness of maintenance updates.

Recently I came across a new program, it was actually released in 2002 so its not really new, just new to me. Anyway this program has an open scripting interface, that lets anyone update existing scripts, of which there are loads, including lots of internation free sms portals. If the script for a site stops working you can go in and fix it yourself, you can also add your own scripts which let you send sms via newly discovered free sms portals. The program is not as polished looking as either EGenie or Genietexter and doesnt run as smoothly but its 'semi-open sourceness' (the actual program is closed source, but the scripting API is open) adds a whole new dimension to the genre of SMS sending applications. The programmer of EGenie, is working on a second generation sms sending application codenamed Mercury, which will feature similar features as SMSSend, but right now the only program in the game is SMSSend. Unfortunately the programmer of SMSSend is also rather slow at updating his program, but luckily the fact that the program is scriptable lets the users update the SMS portal script files themselves and share them amongst themselves via the website.

Get the programs mentioned in the article here: GenieTexter, SMSSend

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