April 30, 2004

A coldfusion script to create an RSS feed of the images on the B3ta.com homepage

I've written a coldfusion script to create an RSS feed of the images on the www.b3ta.com frontpage.

you can view the sourcecode here: b3tabestofboard_RSS_source.cfm

UPDATE: DOH! i just found out that b3ta have already got their own rss feed for this, oh well, i did write mine a long time ago, only just thought of releasing it...

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Ive updated some of my SMS scripts

ive updated the 118.sms SMSsend script, also the b4utxt, uboot and lycos genietexter scripts.

you can get the udpated scripts through the usual channels, i.e the autoupdate features, in the respective programs.

118 have changed their web address, so it was simply a matter of replacing the old url with the new in that script. In the genietexter scripts ive just added some "extra" nodes, for added functionality.

Stalin Vs Hitler Comic

Just found an insane link via memepool, its a Russian comic depicting Hitler and Stalin as superheros battling each other: Stalin Vs Hitler Comic

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April 28, 2004

New bookmarklet: Browse Current website Anonymously

Ive written a new bookmarklet that lets you visit any site then, switch to browsing it anonymously via proxy.guardster.com.

Heres the script:

javascript:'<body onload="document.forms[0].submit()"><form method=post action="http://proxy.guardster.com/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/010100A/782d70726f78792f7374617274"><input type=hidden name=x value=21><input type=hidden name=y value=10><input type=hidden name=rc><input type=hidden name=rs value=on><input type=hidden name=fa><input type=hidden name=br value=on><input type=hidden name=ff><input type=hidden name="URL" value=' + location.href + '>You will now be sent to proxy.guardster.com where you will be able to browse this site<p><b> '+location.href+' </b></p>anonymously. </body>'

You have to copy and paste the script in its entirety into a bookmark and name it something like Anon. Then whenever you visit a page just click the bookmarklet and it will transfer you to anonymous browsing mode.

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I've written a new genietexter script for vgsmail.com

Ive written another script for genietexter, this time its for vgsmail.com they offer cheap sms sending and 14 free sms to start off with. Ive also updated the sms.ac and tiscali_uk scripts.

For the sms.ac script ive added in some "extra" functions including credit summary, inbox and outbox. For the tiscali_uk script ive fixed the sending to international numbers bug and also fixed the texts remaining function.

As usual all these scripts are available through the genietexter services manager.

April 16, 2004

Find a UK Map using a Postcode Bookmarklet

I've written a UK Postcode bookmarklet , I find it comes in quite handy, it works in both I.E and Firefox, havent tried it any other browsers. It basically lets you select a postcode on a webpage, or enter one at the prompt if you havent selected one, then takes you to the streetmap.co.uk map for that postcode.

Find a UK Map by selecting/entering a postcode, place name or road name Bookmarklet

You can test it out by selecting a postcode on a page for instance this one NW1 4BG then just click the link. If no postcode is selected it pops up a prompt for you to enter one. Sweet! To install it on your browser just rightclick on it and add it as a bookmark, or you can just drag it on to your browsers links toolbar.

Update: I just discovered that the bookmarklet also works with UK place names or road names, schweet!

Update 2:
Ive updated the script so it will work even if the page you want to get the postcode from is inside a frameset

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April 15, 2004

Believe the Skype!

Wow! i just tried out Skype the new internet telephony application from the original developers of Kazaa. The sound quality is amazing! The program is free. Try it out today! Skype

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Google Auto Translate Bookmarklet

I came across another cool bookmarklet the other day. Its an auto translation bookmarklet, it will automatically determine what language the page is in and translate it for you, thanks go to the very clever people at google and the clever guy that wrote the bookmarklet, John Hiler at www.microcontentnews.com.

Apparently it can translate any webpage from French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian into English.

Here it is: Google Auto Translate Bookmarklet

Add the above link to your bookmarks/favourites or drag it to your link bar/ tool bar, then visit a page in a foreign language such as: http://webnews.html.it/news/ then click the bookmark, and it should send the page to google which will automatically figure out what language it is in and translate it to english :)

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Google PageRank Bookmarklet

I just visited a site that lets you type in a list of urls, and it checks the Google PageRank for each one. Very cool indeed! Google PageRank Checker

Then i thought what would be cooler is a bookmarklet that would let you check the PageRank of a site directly from your browser, I know that the Googlebar can do this, but apparently its not available on the mozilla version. So here is a Google Pagerank checker bookmarklet that I wrote:

javascript:'Checking the Google PageRank for: <b>'+ location.href +'</b><body onload="document.forms[0].submit()"><form method=post action="http://www.top25web.com/pagerank.php"><input type=hidden name="url" value=' + location.href + '></body>'

To use it just create a new bookmark, copy the above code into the url field, name it google pagerank, then when you want to check the pagerank of a site, just visit the site then click your bookmarklet, simple :) The great thing is It works in either firefox or Internet Explorer.

The bookmarklet was tricky to write as you cannot normally do a HTTP Post using javascript on its own, though i found out a way to do it from here: How to do a HTTP Post with a bookmarklet. Thanks to Jim Ley for that :)

UPDATE: Ive written a new improved pagerank checking bookmarklet

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April 14, 2004

Tiscali Free SMS via GenieTexter

I finally got the tiscali uk genietexter script, for sending free SMS via the tiscali.co.uk website, working. I turned off images and javascript in my browser and it made it simpler to figure out the essentials needed to be put into the script. You can get the script and the genietexter application at the Genietexter.co.uk website

T-Mobile Freephone Helpline

Just found out about the freephone T-Mobile helpline, i am deeply shocked that they have a freephone number; the way they are blatantly ripping off their customers, especially those using "pay as you go"

For example a 30 minute call on the T-Mobile Pay as you go "Everyone" tariff will cost nearly 10 quid!!!! what a rip off! I feel sorry for all the users who got dumped on to this tariff when T-Mobile took over One-2-One, luckily i managed to stay on the "Standard" tarriff, but its still a ripoff, I dont tend to use my phone much anymore as a result.

T-Mobile's UK Freephone Customer Service numbers are 0800 956 2120 and
0808 121 9999

The irony of it is that its not free to dial an 0800 number from a T-Mobile phone, its actually 40p a minute at any time!!!!! which is the same for Local (e.g 0845) and National (e.g 0870) toll numbers. F*cking outrageous if you ask me!

Another top tip is visit this website if you are fed up of paying too much to talk to companys that charge you to ring them. www.saynoto0870.com

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Send and receive SMS from your BT landline phone.

I just found out about BT (British Telecom)'s new SMS service for landline phones, its quite interesting. In order to send an SMS from your landline phone, i think you have to have a special phone with texting capability, but any BT landline phone can now receive an SMS message! If the phone has CLI (caller line identification) i think the message is displayed via the screen, but if you have a basic no frills phone, you get a phone call and a computer voice reads you the text message.

I just tried it out, sent myself a text from a t-mobile phone to my home number. The message took about an hour or so to arrive, but the fact it got there at all is quite impressive. Its quite freaky having your SMS read out to you, the voice isnt too bad, its better than Stephen Hawkings voicebox anyway, its a calm female voice, it just sounds a bit lifeless. A cool option would be to let you choose the characteristics of the voice that reads the message, such as whether its male or female and the speed of reading, something like the voice functionality on Apple Macs would be brilliant, the computerised voice on the Mac cant be beaten, well i've yet to hear something as entertaining as the serial killer voice or the singing voice, hilarious stuff!

BT Text SMS service for BT landline phones.

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April 11, 2004

GenieTexter Tiscali Script

I started writing a Genietexter script for the tiscali.co.uk free sms website, didnt get very far though because, they have a weird javascript / cookie type validation thing i couldnt figure out, oh well the logout function works, thats something i suppose hehe :)

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April 10, 2004

Genietexter XML scripting tutorial

Ive started writing a Genietexter scripting tutorial, im writing it on a Wiki (hosted for now at SeedwWiki) I decided to put it on a Wiki because its a collaborative editing format, i.e anyone can make edits on it, which is how WikiPedia works, I just thought it would be an interesting experiment in collaborative editing of a technical document. If you have anything to add to the tutorial or have any feedback on it at all let me know. Cheers :)

Genietexter XML Scripting Tutorial

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April 09, 2004

Cool new mobile phone location service

I just came across this interesting mobile phone location service at mobilelocate.co.uk. It lets you track up to 8 mobile phones in real time on a map. Pretty cool. The nice thing is they are giving away a free one month trial, sweet! :)

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tiscali freebies

Wow just found another bonus of signing up for an account with Tiscali, on signup they send you a choice of free gifts including a copy of Encyclopedia Britannica, Family Medical Dictionary and various other cdrom titles. Sweet! Apparently if you sign up for an actual subscription service, they let you have a choice of freebies every month, as my account is just a pay as you go, i guess this is a one off freebie deal, still pretty good though!

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April 05, 2004

Ive written a new GenieTexter script for uboot.com

I've written a new GenieTexter script for uboot.com, which lets you send free and "paid for" international sms (depending on your available credits) through uboot.com using the cool free GenieTexter program. I think you can only sign up for uboot if your mobile is a german, swiss, austrian or uk number, but you can send texts to most international countries.

The script is available via the genietexter service manager.

If you find any bugs or have any problems with the script get in touch. Cheers.

GenieTexter can be downloaded from here.

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