April 15, 2004

Google PageRank Bookmarklet

I just visited a site that lets you type in a list of urls, and it checks the Google PageRank for each one. Very cool indeed! Google PageRank Checker

Then i thought what would be cooler is a bookmarklet that would let you check the PageRank of a site directly from your browser, I know that the Googlebar can do this, but apparently its not available on the mozilla version. So here is a Google Pagerank checker bookmarklet that I wrote:

javascript:'Checking the Google PageRank for: <b>'+ location.href +'</b><body onload="document.forms[0].submit()"><form method=post action="http://www.top25web.com/pagerank.php"><input type=hidden name="url" value=' + location.href + '></body>'

To use it just create a new bookmark, copy the above code into the url field, name it google pagerank, then when you want to check the pagerank of a site, just visit the site then click your bookmarklet, simple :) The great thing is It works in either firefox or Internet Explorer.

The bookmarklet was tricky to write as you cannot normally do a HTTP Post using javascript on its own, though i found out a way to do it from here: How to do a HTTP Post with a bookmarklet. Thanks to Jim Ley for that :)

UPDATE: Ive written a new improved pagerank checking bookmarklet

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at April 15, 2004 03:02 PM

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