April 15, 2004

Google Auto Translate Bookmarklet

I came across another cool bookmarklet the other day. Its an auto translation bookmarklet, it will automatically determine what language the page is in and translate it for you, thanks go to the very clever people at google and the clever guy that wrote the bookmarklet, John Hiler at www.microcontentnews.com.

Apparently it can translate any webpage from French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian into English.

Here it is: Google Auto Translate Bookmarklet

Add the above link to your bookmarks/favourites or drag it to your link bar/ tool bar, then visit a page in a foreign language such as: http://webnews.html.it/news/ then click the bookmark, and it should send the page to google which will automatically figure out what language it is in and translate it to english :)

Posted by steeev to Bookmarklets

at April 15, 2004 08:56 PM