April 14, 2004

T-Mobile Freephone Helpline

Just found out about the freephone T-Mobile helpline, i am deeply shocked that they have a freephone number; the way they are blatantly ripping off their customers, especially those using "pay as you go"

For example a 30 minute call on the T-Mobile Pay as you go "Everyone" tariff will cost nearly 10 quid!!!! what a rip off! I feel sorry for all the users who got dumped on to this tariff when T-Mobile took over One-2-One, luckily i managed to stay on the "Standard" tarriff, but its still a ripoff, I dont tend to use my phone much anymore as a result.

T-Mobile's UK Freephone Customer Service numbers are 0800 956 2120 and
0808 121 9999

The irony of it is that its not free to dial an 0800 number from a T-Mobile phone, its actually 40p a minute at any time!!!!! which is the same for Local (e.g 0845) and National (e.g 0870) toll numbers. F*cking outrageous if you ask me!

Another top tip is visit this website if you are fed up of paying too much to talk to companys that charge you to ring them. www.saynoto0870.com

Posted by steeev to Mobile Communications

at April 14, 2004 05:30 PM