April 28, 2004

New bookmarklet: Browse Current website Anonymously

Ive written a new bookmarklet that lets you visit any site then, switch to browsing it anonymously via proxy.guardster.com.

Heres the script:

javascript:'<body onload="document.forms[0].submit()"><form method=post action="http://proxy.guardster.com/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/010100A/782d70726f78792f7374617274"><input type=hidden name=x value=21><input type=hidden name=y value=10><input type=hidden name=rc><input type=hidden name=rs value=on><input type=hidden name=fa><input type=hidden name=br value=on><input type=hidden name=ff><input type=hidden name="URL" value=' + location.href + '>You will now be sent to proxy.guardster.com where you will be able to browse this site<p><b> '+location.href+' </b></p>anonymously. </body>'

You have to copy and paste the script in its entirety into a bookmark and name it something like Anon. Then whenever you visit a page just click the bookmarklet and it will transfer you to anonymous browsing mode.

Posted by steeev to Bookmarklets

at April 28, 2004 01:45 PM