December 20, 2004

AVG anti virus new free version AVG 7 is utter crap!

AVG have recently released a new version of their free antivirus software AVG FREE v7, i downloaded it and have been trying it out, and have to say its the biggest heap of crap ive ever seen, the previous version was 100% better IMHO, but then i guess that their plan is to show people how crap their free version is and then try and persuade them to pay for their non free version, well good luck to them i say, as most people will just find another anti virus program that is still free. The reason i say this new version is crap is that it finds the viruses but it doesnt actually remove them, how useless is that???

UPDATE I started having another problem with AVG, it stopped my email client checking for new mail, so i completely uninstalled it. And installed EZ-Armor. Anyone wanting to install a free AntiVirus program that actually works, might like to try out EZ-Armor by Computer Associates, who are offering a free 1 year trial of the program here:

FURTHER UPDATE 19th March 2005 My copy of ez-armor expired, and it kept opening a nagging page telling me to register it, so I've uninstalled it now, and installed Avast AntiVirus, as Ive heard good reports about that, and they offer a 14 month trial :)

Yet another update Avast Antivirus seems to be running fine, though i did notice one major thing missing, scheduled scans, which apparently isnt available with the free version, though there is a workaround available, more info here

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July 17, 2004

Bloody spammers (, and )

All the spam i get in my inbox i report to, when you report the spam they give you a report listing the networks the spam was transmitted from and the networks hosting the sites being advertised in the spam, and it allows you to send complaints to the owners of the networks regarding the spam.

Recently all the spam i am getting seems to be advertising sites hosted with the following companys , and . Something needs to be done. I dont know what, I dont know how, but somebody sort this lot out!

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