December 20, 2004

AVG anti virus new free version AVG 7 is utter crap!

AVG have recently released a new version of their free antivirus software AVG FREE v7, i downloaded it and have been trying it out, and have to say its the biggest heap of crap ive ever seen, the previous version was 100% better IMHO, but then i guess that their plan is to show people how crap their free version is and then try and persuade them to pay for their non free version, well good luck to them i say, as most people will just find another anti virus program that is still free. The reason i say this new version is crap is that it finds the viruses but it doesnt actually remove them, how useless is that???

UPDATE I started having another problem with AVG, it stopped my email client checking for new mail, so i completely uninstalled it. And installed EZ-Armor. Anyone wanting to install a free AntiVirus program that actually works, might like to try out EZ-Armor by Computer Associates, who are offering a free 1 year trial of the program here:

FURTHER UPDATE 19th March 2005 My copy of ez-armor expired, and it kept opening a nagging page telling me to register it, so I've uninstalled it now, and installed Avast AntiVirus, as Ive heard good reports about that, and they offer a 14 month trial :)

Yet another update Avast Antivirus seems to be running fine, though i did notice one major thing missing, scheduled scans, which apparently isnt available with the free version, though there is a workaround available, more info here

Posted by steeev to Trouble and Strife

at December 20, 2004 02:53 AM

I want free new AVG program but how?

Posted by: zahir at December 27, 2004 09:18 PM

troubles with new free7 myself does infectd files in vault mean safe &anyone know if trojan kennel think it was is stopped by avg7 every time i try to download update it makes me redownload whole avg 7 how are others doing with this

Posted by: msSMary at January 5, 2005 04:49 PM

free AVG new version is not a crap but a real blackmail! didnt you experience the ticking timer from 30 down to zero of your death moment again and again until you fell into a panic? further after I installed the new version AVG, I came to receive a tremendous number of mails with attached files. I disregarded these mails a while but at last checked them and found that it was AVG itself who attached the files! not so much stupid as a dangerous manner. I wonder if it does or not form a lawsuit case. now I'm really seeking an alternative.

Posted by: nazca at January 7, 2005 09:39 AM

i feel good to use avg

Posted by: Eddy at January 13, 2005 06:35 PM

everytime the new free version of avg is installed on my laptop windows cannot start normally; after avg is uninstalled the situation is rectified. so what is to do?

Posted by: yavuz at January 17, 2005 05:14 PM

I have installed AVG 7 Free version on a number of machines and am now getting reports from the users of major problems. The worst is that any outgoing e-mails are blocked and after considerable delays returned, undelivered, to sender with cryptic explanations. Disabling AVG allows them to go out unhindered, but that's no solution.
So does anybody know what Grisoft is doing about it? I don't support cynical suggestions that this is an attempt to force people to buy the Pro versin, as it's more likely to push them to give up AVG altogether.

Posted by: Harold at January 24, 2005 10:19 AM

Harold, I had the same problem with the emails not working, which on top of the fact the program didnt seem to actually remove any viruses, was the reason i eventually uninstalled it. I am now using EZ-ARMOR by Computer Associates. They are offering a free 1 year trial here: and it also includes a free firewall too.

Posted by: Steeev at January 24, 2005 09:45 PM


Since posting my previous message I have been investigating further and found the following article on the Grisoft site. This attributes my problem to the WIN XP firewall, which I must admit to being more likely to justify the 'hi-tech' description of "crap".

It explains why, of three recent installations of AVG 7 Free to my knowledge only one, that with the XP Firewall enabled, has the problem. The other two use McAffee's or Norton's and work OK.

My view is that an AV program should BLOCK entry rather than remove the offenders after the infection. In the case of one of the users, who now has McAffee firewall, she had neglected to renew her sub for Norton AV for 8 months, and then was surprised to find problems running her PC. I installed AVG 7 Free and a scan revealed 12 infected files. Of these 5 were cleaned but found to have been changed by the infection - 4 of these were DLL files and the other an .exe program. 5 infected restore files were deleted. Two embedded Trojan Horses remained in place and could not be removed without deleting the associated DLL files.

Unfortunately I could not go back anyway, as the infections had disabled the XP restore function. I also (using Ad-Aware) found all sorts of scumware including 4 browser hijackers fighting to take over. After clearing them the PC was still unusable and I had no alternative but to reformat and reinstall everything and hope that the user has learnt something (maybe not - this was the third time I have had to rescue her).

I don't fault AVG for this - it was faced with an impossible task as the PC was so infected by the time I tried it.

Posted by: Harold at January 25, 2005 05:07 PM

A PS to the above. After struggling with the settings for AVG Free 7 on my daughter's computer, including changing to Mcafee firewall, I have given up. It's hard work with her machine 200 miles away. We are now trying Avast!.

On the other hand two other machines, one using WIN XP Home + Mcafee firewall and the other an antique using WIN 98 + Norton firewall work fine. Can anybody explain?

Posted by: Harold at February 3, 2005 12:06 PM

I have been using AVG for a long time now. I installed the new edition and checked task manager to see 5 avg processes running, taking up _at least_ 40 MB between them. I knew that was the death of a good free antivirus program.

I wont get into the internet issue that clear up as soon as I ended AVG - and killed the other 4 processes manually - because I haven't had time to troubleshoot and am not 100% sure this is a problem with AVG.

So in summary
Other free AV:1

Posted by: avguser at February 9, 2005 01:05 AM

Interesting the comment by avguser about memory usage. It prompted me to check how much AVG Pro, which I am happily using on my own machine, takes and I found it to be about 25M. Meanwhile I am backing several horses: AVG Free 7 on 2 machines, Avast! on one machine and AVG Pro on my own. All these surviving AVG installations continue to work, the Avast! is not proven as my daughter is away at the moment and so can't tell me.

Note that the extension on the deadline to change over to AVG Free V 7 was extended to 15 Feb, officially to give users more time - my guess is that it is to give AVG more time. Will be interesting to see what happens on 15 Feb. If anything.

Posted by: Harold at February 9, 2005 01:21 PM

Harold, concerning my statement about the 5 AVG processes taking up 40+ MB - I was mistaken. There are only 4 processes taking up that amount of memory :)

WINXP PRO SP2 updates to feb 5th.
768MB 233 DDR RAM
AMD PRO 2200+ ESC K7SOM+ 7.5C

This is from after a restart, with the default AVG startup entries:

avgamsvr.exe 13,924 K
avgcc.exe 18,016 K
avgemc.exe 14,264 K
avgupsvc.exe 1,928 K

Is this comparable with your 2 machines running avg 7 free? Is this standard memory usage for an Anti Virus program? While I don't have the previous version to compare, I'm fairly certain it wasn't as heavy as this one seems to be.

Posted by: avguser at February 10, 2005 10:08 PM

Winxp pro SP2
AMD Mobile 2500+ (oc'd to 3.2 Ghz)
Asus A7N8X-X
512Mb DDR400
ATA 133 60Gb Maxtor HD
ATA 133 40 Gb Maxtor HD

This is the mem usage of my AVG7 free version:
Program version: 7.0.300
Virus Base: 265.8.7
Release date: 10/02/2005

avgamsvr.exe 12,864 K
avgcc.exe 5,220 K (here is the major diff. with you, avguser. You've got 18016!)
avgemc.exe 13,520 K
avgupsvc.exe 1,552 K

Posted by: Hal9000 at February 14, 2005 03:18 PM

It's going to take a while to get this information as neither machine is on my doorstep. But I will reply ASAP.

Posted by: Harold at February 15, 2005 12:35 PM

I upgraded from AVG6 to 7 and it works fine. No problems at all, even found viruses in files I downloaded from the internet and cleaned them off. Also running Windows XP SP2. Am I the only one who has eagerly taken up the upgrade and enjoying it???

Please no flames, I am just testing the water. Seems to be lots of "its crap". No I dont work for AVG and am not affiliated. Just someone who has used it for a couple of years.

Posted by: Lez at March 9, 2005 08:48 AM

I have AVG 7 running & it works great with SP2 and WIndows firewall. There was a conflict with the basic e-mail & the Outlook snapin but that was fixed some time ago. IMO this is a marvelous product. No problems, fast scans, thorough. Low demand on system.
I'm an IT pro for a gov't agency, and I am authorized to use either Symantec or McAfee on my personal equipment. The full product with lifetime updates. I've tried both and hate them both. Up until its latest tweak XP firewall couldn't even see Symantec. Both are resource pigs. Symantec (the product in my office machines) blows up for no apparent reason and the only reliable fix is "remove & reinstall".
When my users ask for a copy of Sym or Mc I give it to them, but if they ask for advice I tell them to go download AVG.

Posted by: James Policke at March 30, 2005 02:38 AM

I own a small Personal Computer shop in New Mexico. I have been installing AVG Free V.7 on customers' PCs since it came out. lately, AVG has failed tto update on many PCs. I can see no rhyme or reason to the systems running this software. One of the things I liked about the upgrade from Ver.6 to Ver.7 was that it no longer asked for an email address to activate the product. Can this be related? Is Grisoft changing its tactics? I uninstalled one customer's AVG free and reinstalled it on Friday, I had been skipping the "register" screen and decided to try it that time. It appeared that Grisoft wanted me to sign up for special offers in order to register. This smacks of extortion, just like Norton and Mcaffe. Is grisoft getting greedy just like the rest?
Brian Rodgers

Posted by: Brian Rodgers at April 4, 2005 05:39 PM

I thank you for all your input on AVG's virus checker. I installed this on two customer's machines, and they're BOTH gummed up. One has Windows 98 SE, and it just kept getting worse and worse after I got things "fixed" up. The other machine had Windows Me, and it just ain't right. Both machines are so gummed up, that they may have to be reformatted. Worse yet, both customers are living at or near poverty levels, which basically rules out any subscription based email program, including Norton and Macafee. This morning, I was praying to God for guidance, since a large part of my computer business includes repairs, including that on the software level.

Thank you very much for all the useful information.

From John Nozum

Posted by: John Nozum at April 7, 2005 12:59 PM

After i updated avg i had run a system scan and found a few viruses which i thought was odd and i later found that it hadn't got rid of the virusres.... i would advise people not to get rid of avg but to give it some extra time i have noticed that they haven't sent updates for 2 weeks, after a new update comes try a virus scan again, if it does get rid of virues then keep it if it doesn't get rid of it, i recommend (sophos antivirus). You can get stuff like this free from a program called limewire it is a download program where you can download anything for free visit you can get a free copy of it on there.......let me know what happens people

Posted by: kyle at April 12, 2005 01:37 PM

I have installed AVG6 on several computers (Win98SE) for customers. A few have told me they purchased the Full Version. Now I am installing the new AVG7 on WIN 2000 .. Computers take 3 to 5 minutes to completely BOOT. (HDDs keep running for several minutes) Uninstall AVG, problem GONE. Admittedly most of these Units have been Dell, however I am quite sure that has nothing to do with it.
I am seeking another option, so AVG will NOT be getting those Full Version purchases anymore... Tisc... tisc ... As a previous user stated, my customers are of low income....

Posted by: Mitch at April 14, 2005 11:56 PM

What is required?

Posted by: John Goddard at April 15, 2005 09:30 PM

G'day Guys,
I have been a long time user of AVG, both 6 and now the Free 7 version.
Have tried a few others over the past few yrs also, but always gravitate back to AVG.
I have it installed on machines with 98SE through to XP SP2 latest, all seem to be working OK.
The only hiccup I have found is one machine, XP SP2 latest, the Email Scanner seems to work when it wants to, bubble mesg saying Inactive/Now Active, otherwise, no complaints.
Have heard various reports about being resource heavy, but seems OK with me.
this is on Toshiba Satelite Pro 4320 Laptop/2K Pro/Fully Updated/P3-600/256 Ram.

I must admit that V6 was a better version to fine tune the options and setting rules, but then again, its free and you can always go to Panda and do a Online Activescan it there are any douhts

People must also be aware that Spybot and AD-Aware SE Peronal, should be used in conjuntion with any sys with access to the net and D/loads.

No one program is going to catch everything, thats also something to think about.

Thanks for listening, from a humble backyard fixer who potters for pocket money.
Just my humble opinion anyway, take it or leave it.

Posted by: Paul Miller at April 25, 2005 03:16 AM

i'm at a loss to which fire wall and anti virus to use does anyone get it right, or is it something to do with the isp alot of problems just lately with aol and things getting through. even though Mc fee fire wall and anti virus is in place.Im going into bussiness later this year and this will only be once i can get a computer secure i have 4 computers that have gone down trying all different products on different machines im at a loss although i dont want to pay through the nose i would like somthiong that works for the money.

Posted by: A jennings at April 25, 2005 01:16 PM

It is some time since I contributed to this forum but I have not been idle (come the day). During this time I have installed AVG 7 Free on two more PCs without any incident. I have also got the machine previously problematic working OK. The difference between this machine and the others was that it had originally used version 6 and had been upgraded using the AVG website options. Eventually we completely uninstalled it and installed V 7 from scratch. Perfect installation.

I note some comments on slow start up caused by AVG. I believe that this is because the free version does a daily full scan of the HDD contents which cannot be scheduled like the full version (I have a scan once a week on my machine). There is a very notable slowing down during the scan period even on quite fast machines. My remedy is, if possible, switch on early and leave the scan to do its stuff while working on something else (I eat my breakfast - the advantage of working at home).

Posted by: Harold at April 25, 2005 06:15 PM

its nice

Posted by: phani at April 25, 2005 06:26 PM

i havnt got avg 7 how do i download it my children are having troubles with their computer

Posted by: julie pack at April 26, 2005 12:58 PM

my XP2 machine has always had avast! antivirus guarding web usage. it works well but places an active file in the windows temp folder that won't let you delete it until avast! is shut down. this is no problem. however, i also have a windows98se machine that i had to install antivirus software on quickly because my paid for etrust ver 7 allowed the gaobot virus to infect it. i used AVG 7 to see how well it would work and the gaobot was detected and deleted. my etrust ver 7 was to expire on may 5, 2005 but i switched to AVG early because of the afore mentioned problem. the AVG installation was a clean install and not an upgrade from ver6 to ver7. so much for paying for antivirus software!

Posted by: andrew bradley at May 3, 2005 01:41 AM

Have recently downloaded free edition of AVG Version 7 (am running Windows XP Service Pack 2) and find that both CD Rom drives stop working, as well as A drive. Has anyone else come across this problem?

Posted by: Janis Church at May 20, 2005 01:40 AM

ok people... I have to ask you something : Is NORTON beter than AVG??? Nooooo.... so dont tell us a fairy talles for kids ang try to think about the problem... i'm AVG user for a long time... I i haven't problem (the latest update 7.0.322 on fully patched (all updates on legal Windows ;) Sp2)... So avast is ok but ...avast is easy on worms (and AVG is hard on worms) ... that is big - for avast! (but it is a good AV but be careful with worms) ... And to back to AVG : Download the latest version of AVg Free 7.0.322 and update it ... It is compatibile with MS Securiry Center so be calm ... Next if you have prblems with AVg clean your registy and junk files on your computer... try to instal AVG on clean computer and update it... There all you have to do is to manage with settings and go to internet ;) ... btw AVG is cleaning trojans that NORTON miss (but Norton is a reat brand .... Agrrrr) ... So i recieved so many compliments for AVg (good complimenst ;) ) and people are starting to use AVG more and more... SO go to and download the free AVG (read the licence firs!!!!) ... Any Question? Go to and download AVG free and than register it to participate in AVG free forum ;) .. OK ? Stay protected with AVG

Posted by: AVg_FREE_user at May 20, 2005 09:40 PM

I look after around 7 pc workstations and my own Dell laptop. I currently use Adaware 7 build 332, together with Adaware SE 1.05, Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4 rc2b and Spywareblaster 3.4. I have had no problems at all, although a backweb lite registry key could not be removed untill I updated to the latest version of spybot.
A new version of AVG Free became available 2 days ago, I would like some feedback on this before I install. I think from reading the postings that people are being unrealistic about what these free protection programs do and how to use them. Here are the rules that I use

1)Never download a new version of a program as soon as it comes out, check reliable forums first for feedback, or Google for the program by name +problems. i.e adaware+problems. And see whats going around before installing.

2)These programs AVG, Spybot S&D, and Adaware do not inform you when a new bulid is available (as opposed to updates) spywareblaster however does. So I occasionally Google for the program name + new. i.e avg+new, then if a new version is available, I wait a week or so and check as above before installing.

Also remember to update all programs before use, spybot S&D can be made to autorun as a scheduled task, you really do need to read all the tech stuff to get the best out of any program, protection software especially. You do get all this stuff for free you know!

Posted by: Fergz at May 26, 2005 05:06 PM

Personally I don't mind AVG 7 that much.
Sure it uses memory but way less memory than NAV2004 or NAV2005.

Also it does find most virusses and spyware if you configure it correctly. In test centre press CTRL+F4 and select Heuristic scan + Scann all files (Don't wanna miss a thing)

Though i also use Avast home edition 4 (Free aswell, no trial) which still seems to do a better job than the previous 3 mentioned.

I have a Triple boot system at the moment.

Boot 1 = WinXp Home SP2 with NAV2004 which has trouble finding virusses and sees some programs such as Download Accelerator as spyware + takes a lot of RAM away and takes ages to scan.

Boot 2 = Win2000 running with NSW2005 which is taking huge quantities of RAM, slows down the PC conciderebaly and does not do a bad job, but does miss out on some virusses.

Boot 3 = WinXP Pro SP2 running with AVG 7 & Avast 4 home edition.

Avast seems to be picking up virusses and threats faster than AVG 7, and so far I did scans with both antivirusses. AVG only picked up the Avast and NAV2004 + NSW2005 quarantined virusses while Avast removed even the most anoying virusses. (A vius which AVG actually detected, but could not remove properly, kept on coming back after restart no matter what I did... Registry edition, HiJack this, multiple antivirusses (Norton, Etrus, Mcafee, Vexira, Kaspersky and multiple spyware removal toold such as pest patrol, spysweeper, spy substract, spybot 1.4, ad-aware 1.05 Pro, spy blaster... none of these helped.

But Avast fixed them up :-)

Posted by: Harry at June 9, 2005 02:27 AM

Dear sir,

I come from Indonesia. I would like to install AVG Anti virus in my comp.
Thanks to your kind.

Best my regard,

Tommy Setyawan

Posted by: Tommy at July 13, 2005 09:48 AM

no comment.

Posted by: shivraj at November 6, 2005 06:40 AM

quero o anti-virus avg 7.5
o gratuito

Posted by: Alexandre daSilva Dias at November 20, 2005 04:51 PM

i havnt got avg 7.1 how do i download it my children are having troubles with their computer

Posted by: yogesh at December 10, 2005 04:02 PM