December 17, 2004

GenieTexter now supports sending Ringtones and Logos!

I just made a cool discovery, while experimenting with trying to get GT to send VCards, i discovered that I could actually send Ringtones and Logos.

The secret is sending the right SCKL code, which is documented at:

Basically the SCKL code tells the receiving phone that though the message is text, it should be treated as a binary file.

An example you can try is to send the following message


(you need to replace the <space> with an actual space and you need to remove any new lines as well, as the message should just be on one single line) If you send that as a message to a compatible phone (practically all nokias and a few others, see the page at mentioned earlier for a compatibility chart) then the phone will recognise it as a ringtone :) Try it out and see if you can recognise the song! :D

Another example is how to send a logo (this info is quoted from the above website btw so all credit to those cool dudes at csoft :)

the image we want to send is a picture of the number 777
in order to send this we need to send 2 separate SMS, the receiving phone will automatically join them together and decode the image. The messages must each be on a single line (they are on both on 2 separate lines here to try and fit them on the page better), and you need to replace <space> with an actual space.





If you do it right the recipient will receive an operator logo with a picture of the number 777. Pretty cool huh? Important things to note, you need to choose your genietexter script carefully when sending these types of messages, as most free sms sites add an advert to the end of your message, or some extra text at the beginning of the message, so this method wont work with those type of sites, the only sites i think that offer you the max 160 characters per sms that genietexter has scripts for are orange_pay, tmobileUK and 1rstwap.

I think this method should work for VCards and VCals too, the only problem is actually converting your data into the binary/digital format. Though i expect theres probably a program out there that will do it for you, it would certainly be a really cool set of functions to add to GenieTexter i think you would agree! :D

UPDATE If you are wondering how to convert files into the SCKL format, you could try using a program called "Ringtone Tools" Which despite its name can convert music and graphics files to SCKL format.

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at December 17, 2004 08:39 PM