October 28, 2004

Ebay Negative Feedback Bookmarklet - Lets you check all negative comments left for a user.

Ive written a new bookmarklet, this one interfaces with Toolhaus' excellent ebay feedback checker, to show all of a users negative/neutral feeback remarks.

EBay show Negative Feedback Bookmarklet (Just drag the link to your web browser's "link" bar (should work on both IE and mozilla/firefox), then when you are viewing a users profile page, click the bookmarklet and you will be transferred to a page listing all the negative/neutral feedback that has been left for that user.

*UPDATE Ive written a new version of the bookmarklet 02/11/2004*

I've Just Written a new bookmarklet for finding the negative feedback left for a user, this one lets you select an ebay username on any page where one is mentioned and if you then click the bookmarklet it will take you to the toolhaus page showing the negative feedback for that user, if no text is selected, it pops up a dialog box asking you to enter an ebay username.

This bookmarklet has been tested on both Firefox and I.E, not sure if it will work on Opera or not. You can test this bookmarklet out on this very page, by highlighting some text on the page, then clicking the link below, or if you click the link below without selecting any text, you should be presented with a javascript dialog box asking you to enter an Ebay username. You can "install" this bookmarklet into your browser by simply right clicking on it and adding it to your bookmarks, or if you want quicker access to it, try dragging the link on to your web browsers link toolbar.

New Version of the Ebay Negative Feedback Checker Bookmarklet

Hope someone finds this useful! :D

Further Update R.A Brugioni has kindly pointed out the bookmarklet doesnt work if you are using windows XP sp 2 and I.E6, the best thing for you to do in that case is switch to using Firefox, which is a much better web browser! :D

Yet Another Update Ive converted the bookmarklet into a Firefox Extension, you can read more about it here

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October 25, 2004

New GenieTexter SMS sending scripts for GenieTexter T-Mobile (UK) + TMobile (USA)

I've written a couple of new GenieTexter SMS sending scripts, both for T-Mobile, one is for TMobile UK and one is for TMobile USA. The TMobile UK script is for UK TMobile phone users, who have registered on the T-Mobile.co.uk website. This script allows you to send send SMS internationally and the messages are replyable, the charges for the SMS (T-Mobiles usual SMS prices) will be added to your TMobile phone bill, or taken out of your free SMS allowance if you have any.

The TMobile (USA) script will let anyone send a message to any TMobile phone in USA, no registration is required to be able to send using this script. I havent tested this script out, as i dont know anyone in america with a Tmobile phone. So if theres anyone out there that wants to help us to test this new script out, please get in touch, cheers :)

I've also fixed up the O2_free and O2_pay scripts. Oh and btw O2 are changing the amount of free texts each person can send per month, through their site, from 30 to 10!

As usual you can get the new and updated scripts from the http://www.genietexter.co.uk website.

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October 13, 2004

Google SMS - You can now Search Google via SMS!

This looks pretty cool, Google have now setup an SMS interface to their database. Find out more info here: http://www.google.com/sms

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October 08, 2004

Get 45 free prints from your digital camera! Includes free p+p and next day delivery! Normal price 10.05!

Carphonewarehouse have got a fantastic free prints offer on at the moment, please note this offer ends 31st December 2004

if you sign up at http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/photos
using the following offer code cpw-2k7e43m-pbcs before 31st December you will get 25 free high quality 6x4.5" gloss prints with free p+p, which they send by first class post, and normally arrive the next day!!

or alternatively if you send me your email address i will email you a referral link, and if you sign up using that link and also use the above offer code you will get an extra 10 free prints! giving you a total of 45 free prints!!! :D

N.B They normally charge 10.05 for 45 prints, so this is a brilliant offer!!

Please note my offer will only work if you havent already signed up for this or previous CPW/photobox offers using the email address that you send me as the offer is only available once per household!

Its also worth noting, that once you have followed my instructions to get the 45 free prints, your cpw account might only appear to show 20 free print credits to be available, but in actual fact you will have 45 free print credits, which you can verify by adding 45 images to your basket and proceeding to the checkout, and you will see that there is no charge :)

And another thing to note is you only get free P+P with the first 25 prints. So you need to make 2 separate orders to take advantage of all the free prints.


Once you have signed up for the offer using my instructions, you just need to login to their site and upload your photos, and you can then order your free prints, using their easy to use shopping basket system.

Enjoy! :)


PS Your email address will only be used for the purpose of contacting you with details of this fantastic offer.