October 25, 2004

New GenieTexter SMS sending scripts for GenieTexter T-Mobile (UK) + TMobile (USA)

I've written a couple of new GenieTexter SMS sending scripts, both for T-Mobile, one is for TMobile UK and one is for TMobile USA. The TMobile UK script is for UK TMobile phone users, who have registered on the T-Mobile.co.uk website. This script allows you to send send SMS internationally and the messages are replyable, the charges for the SMS (T-Mobiles usual SMS prices) will be added to your TMobile phone bill, or taken out of your free SMS allowance if you have any.

The TMobile (USA) script will let anyone send a message to any TMobile phone in USA, no registration is required to be able to send using this script. I havent tested this script out, as i dont know anyone in america with a Tmobile phone. So if theres anyone out there that wants to help us to test this new script out, please get in touch, cheers :)

I've also fixed up the O2_free and O2_pay scripts. Oh and btw O2 are changing the amount of free texts each person can send per month, through their site, from 30 to 10!

As usual you can get the new and updated scripts from the http://www.genietexter.co.uk website.

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