October 28, 2004

Ebay Negative Feedback Bookmarklet - Lets you check all negative comments left for a user.

Ive written a new bookmarklet, this one interfaces with Toolhaus' excellent ebay feedback checker, to show all of a users negative/neutral feeback remarks.

EBay show Negative Feedback Bookmarklet (Just drag the link to your web browser's "link" bar (should work on both IE and mozilla/firefox), then when you are viewing a users profile page, click the bookmarklet and you will be transferred to a page listing all the negative/neutral feedback that has been left for that user.

*UPDATE Ive written a new version of the bookmarklet 02/11/2004*

I've Just Written a new bookmarklet for finding the negative feedback left for a user, this one lets you select an ebay username on any page where one is mentioned and if you then click the bookmarklet it will take you to the toolhaus page showing the negative feedback for that user, if no text is selected, it pops up a dialog box asking you to enter an ebay username.

This bookmarklet has been tested on both Firefox and I.E, not sure if it will work on Opera or not. You can test this bookmarklet out on this very page, by highlighting some text on the page, then clicking the link below, or if you click the link below without selecting any text, you should be presented with a javascript dialog box asking you to enter an Ebay username. You can "install" this bookmarklet into your browser by simply right clicking on it and adding it to your bookmarks, or if you want quicker access to it, try dragging the link on to your web browsers link toolbar.

New Version of the Ebay Negative Feedback Checker Bookmarklet

Hope someone finds this useful! :D

Further Update R.A Brugioni has kindly pointed out the bookmarklet doesnt work if you are using windows XP sp 2 and I.E6, the best thing for you to do in that case is switch to using Firefox, which is a much better web browser! :D

Yet Another Update Ive converted the bookmarklet into a Firefox Extension, you can read more about it here

Posted by steeev to Bookmarklets | EBay | Programming

at October 28, 2004 03:30 AM

I've been trying to get your ebay neg feedback bookmarklet to work to no avail. Dragin' it to my toolbar didn't even begin to work. So, then I right click > add to favorites > and add it to my favorites. Still nothing. Any suggestions? I'm running IE (latest edition), XP Pro, plenty of RAM/resources etc.
Respectfully Submitted,

Posted by: rabrugioni at November 8, 2004 04:10 PM

hi rabrugioni,

sorry to hear you are having problems with the bookmarklet.

Which version of the bookmarklet are you using?

In order to use the first one listed on the page, you need to actually be viewing the feedback profile page, of the user you want to see all the negative feedback for, then you need to click the bookmarklet (which you have previously "installed" using either of the methods you have described.

The second version of the bookmarklet is installed in exactly the same way as the first one. But this one lets you select an ebay username on any page where one is mentioned (you have to drag your mouse over the username as if you were going to copy and paste it) then once you have the username selected (the background of the text you have selected should be a dark colour such as blue or gray), click the bookmarklet, you will then be taken to the page listing all the negative feedback for that user.

BTW In order to use the bookmarklets you need to have javascript enabled in your browser.

If these instructions doesnt work for you, can you please give me some more information, such as which countries version of ebay you are using, what the browser version is, operating system and version number, what happens when you click on the bookmarklet etc

best regards,


Posted by: steeev at November 8, 2004 09:24 PM

I just found this script of yours and maybe things have moved on since 2004 but I have tested this with Opera (8+) by bookmarking the link (right click) and adding it to my 'personal bar'.. Any highlighted text in any webpage now gets passed on perfectly when I use the personal bar item..

Anyway I was just passing by but wanted to say a big thankyou.


Posted by: Pete at November 6, 2005 01:48 PM