September 25, 2004

Fun selection of worldwide remote control webcams

I just found a fun selection of worldwide remote control webcams, you need java support in your web browser, as there are controls to let move the camera up and down and zoom in and out! Great stuff :)

To get to the cameras just click the "Live Applet" links on the google results pages.
Remote Control Webcams

The only problem with the google list, is most of the sites dont tell you the actual location of the camera. Which is why Canons World Map of remote control cameras comes in handy :)

Theres also a cool free windows application that lets you control the cameras more easily and gives you options of storing your fave cams as bookmarks and also lets you view the cameras full screen, plus other cool stuff such as being able to listen to audio feeds as well as see the pictures. In order to use you need to extract the ip address or hostname from the urls given by google and then use the connect menu to connect to the cameras that way.

You can download the windows application for controlling and viewing the cameras here

September 24, 2004

Free copies of Viz comic + bonus free hardback Viz annual

Get 3 no–obligation free trial issues of Viz comic plus a free Viz annual! :D

Just subscribe via direct debit using the link below, then after the 3rd isssue arrives and you dont want to continue the subscription just cancel your direct debit.

*UPDATE* offer is now closed

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September 01, 2004

Get £20 free calling credit with

If you are in the UK and want £20 free calling credit for making free calls from your landline telephone, just send me your name and email address, and I will send you details of OneTel's great offer. If you sign up for a free OneTel account via the link I send you, you will receive £20 free credit on your OneTel account! great offer hey? N.B This offer is only valid for people who dont already have a OneTel account.

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