April 26, 2005

2 cool Firefox Extensions - Small Screen Renderer and Aardvark - Both useful for developing xhtml for mobile devices.

Found another couple of cool Firefox extensions, both useful for developers working with XHTML and mobile devices.

Small Screen Rendering XPI
This extension basically lets you see what your pages will look like when rendered on a small screen mobile device.

This extension lets you view how a web page has been built, and also useful for troubleshooting page layouts etc.

April 22, 2005

Visual Dictionary - A universal translator for mobile devices

A guy called Phillip Torrone in the flickr hacks forum suggested a Universal Translator application for mobile devices, that would work by using "tagged" pictures from flickr, whereby you would enter a word/phrase in your own language and it would return pictures tagged with that word/phrase, and after all pictures speak a thousand words, so in theory this might be useful if you are in a country where you dont speak the language. Of course it only works if people using your language have tagged pictures with the words you are searching for.

Anyway I thought it would be an easy thing to put together, so I made it, and here it is Visual Dictionary.

And I was surprised to find its been linked to by Makezine and Gizmodo already! Cool! :D

And the original blog post that sparked the whole idea is here

I might update the search so it also searches pictures titles and descriptions at some point, as it might give better results.

UPDATE Ive added a choice of 2 modes now, previously it was always in mobile mode, designed for mobile devices, but now you can choose whether you search in PC or Mobile mode, if you choose pc mode, the thumbnail images and usernames are linked the pc version of the Flickr site, and if you choose mobile mode, they link to the mobile version of the site. The default mode is mobile, though it seems most people are accessing the site from their pc's. I guess mobile internet usage hasnt reached critical mass yet, which is probably due to the high costs or something.

April 21, 2005

2 cool new extensions for firefox - FlickrFox + Smiley Xtra

FlickrFox is a cool new extension for firefox that displays a stream of images from Flickr in a sidebar on your browser, its really cool, you should check it out! :)

Another cool new firefox extension is called Smiley Xtra, its basically an easily accessible database of smileys that you can easily insert into online forums and chatrooms.

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April 14, 2005

FlickrQuoter - Quote people in the Flickr Forums more easily - New GreaseMonkey Script

Ive written another GreaseMonkey script, this one is also for Flickr.com. It adds a "quote" link, at the bottom Flickr forums (it should be beneath each post in the forum, but i couldnt get it to do that yet)

If you select some text from a post that you wish to reply to in the forum, then click the "quote" link, the selected text will be added ready formatted as a quote to the input box at the bottom of the page.

This script needs some work on it though as im a bit stuck at the moment, the script needs to be able to detect if no text has been selected, and then quote the whole of the relevant post, it also needs to grab the username and add that to the quote, havent figured out how to do that yet either, as my javascript skills are well below Jedi standards unfortunately. If anyone wants to help out with the script, that would be cool :)

Anyway you can get the current 0.01 version of the script here:


The script is still quite useful i think even though its functionality is not 100% complete, and can save some typing time, when you wish to reply and quote someone in the forums...

Script Usage Instructions
After installing the script, you can select the text of a users post in a flickr forum, who you wish to reply to, then click the quote link and the selected text will be added to the text input box at the bottom of the page, nicely formatted and ready for you to add your reply.

UPDATE:A guy called Kastner has made an improved version of my script, heres his version

FURTHER UPDATE Ive made some minor, mainly cosmetic, alterations to the script, including adding in some insallation instructions. Heres the updated version

April 08, 2005

My first GreaseMonkey script - Flickr Rater

Greasemonkey is a cool extension for firefox that lets you add user defined scripts to specific websites, which means you can filter parts of sites you dont like or even add new functionality to sites.

I thought it was a cool technology, so i decided to have a go at writing a script for it, I noticed a cool new application on the web called Flickr Rate by a guy called Nicolas, that lets you rate photos on Flickr.com, though the current interface is via a bookmarklet, I thought it would be cool if the rating applet was embedded in the actual Flickr photo page as it would make things a lot easier. And thats where GreaseMonkey comes in handy, anyway I had a look at some of the currently existing GreaseMonkey scripts for Flickr and put together a script that would work for Flickr Rate application, and here it is. In order to install it, you first need to install the GreaseMonkey extension.

Update, Nicolas has updated my script here http://flickrate.gasteroprod.com/flickrate.user.js