March 26, 2005

NEC e616v + 500 cross network anytime minutes + 100 free SMS : just 2.99 per month!!

Carphone Warehouse have got a great offer on at the moment, they are selling an NEC e616 mobile phone on the Three network, which includes 500 cross network minutes and 100 SMS per month on a 12 month contract for just 2.99 per month!!! pretty crazy offer dont u think? I have got one of these phones myself and am very happy with it :)

You can view the offer here (update: looks like this offer has expired now)

Carphonewarehouse also have a "trade-in" deal, whereby if you send in your old phone, charger and manual, you get an extra 20 off the cost of the phone.

And if that wasnt good enough if you order the phone via a site like you can get an extra 11 off the deal! So basically you will be getting the phone plus all the free monthly minutes and texts for just 5 overall! insane bargain dont you think??!!

March 24, 2005

Cool Photography Technique - Age Maps - 2 images of the same person taken at different times - spliced together

Age Maps are a really cool photography technique. Its basically a photo taken of a person when they were a child and one when they were an adult, and then the 2 images are spliced together - Check it out

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