February 23, 2005

Mark Taws website has a great list of free really useful small applications

Mark Taws website has a great list of free really useful small applications here:

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February 11, 2005

The National Photo Album - What a great idea! - a national photo archive

Just came across a great site, The National Photo Album Its a photo archive for the UK. Heres the sites manifesto:

"We are urging the nation to dust off its old photograph albums and rummage through its attics to help us create an album of the UK's most striking and interesting images. The average household contains around 1,500 non-digital photographs - that's about 24 billion photos - so we are convinced that lurking out there in the nation's cellars and cupboards are thousands of pictures that have real social and cultural value. We are after photos of individuals, families, workplaces, events, outings, cities, towns and villages; anything which reveals something of the way we have lived over the past hundred years or so."

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February 01, 2005

Send Email via SMS with Connectotel

Connectotel have got a Free SMS 2 Email service, which lets you send an SMS to a special number and they convert it to an email, which means you can send email from your phone, even if its the most basic ancient mobile phone, as practically all mobile phones can send SMS text messages :)

The good thing is the number you need to send to for both services is the same, so you just need to alter the format of your message if you want to send to a skype user or an email user, also at present you dont need to register for their services to be able to use them, which is cool :)

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