April 14, 2005

FlickrQuoter - Quote people in the Flickr Forums more easily - New GreaseMonkey Script

Ive written another GreaseMonkey script, this one is also for Flickr.com. It adds a "quote" link, at the bottom Flickr forums (it should be beneath each post in the forum, but i couldnt get it to do that yet)

If you select some text from a post that you wish to reply to in the forum, then click the "quote" link, the selected text will be added ready formatted as a quote to the input box at the bottom of the page.

This script needs some work on it though as im a bit stuck at the moment, the script needs to be able to detect if no text has been selected, and then quote the whole of the relevant post, it also needs to grab the username and add that to the quote, havent figured out how to do that yet either, as my javascript skills are well below Jedi standards unfortunately. If anyone wants to help out with the script, that would be cool :)

Anyway you can get the current 0.01 version of the script here:


The script is still quite useful i think even though its functionality is not 100% complete, and can save some typing time, when you wish to reply and quote someone in the forums...

Script Usage Instructions
After installing the script, you can select the text of a users post in a flickr forum, who you wish to reply to, then click the quote link and the selected text will be added to the text input box at the bottom of the page, nicely formatted and ready for you to add your reply.

UPDATE:A guy called Kastner has made an improved version of my script, heres his version

FURTHER UPDATE Ive made some minor, mainly cosmetic, alterations to the script, including adding in some insallation instructions. Heres the updated version

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