April 08, 2005

My first GreaseMonkey script - Flickr Rater

Greasemonkey is a cool extension for firefox that lets you add user defined scripts to specific websites, which means you can filter parts of sites you dont like or even add new functionality to sites.

I thought it was a cool technology, so i decided to have a go at writing a script for it, I noticed a cool new application on the web called Flickr Rate by a guy called Nicolas, that lets you rate photos on Flickr.com, though the current interface is via a bookmarklet, I thought it would be cool if the rating applet was embedded in the actual Flickr photo page as it would make things a lot easier. And thats where GreaseMonkey comes in handy, anyway I had a look at some of the currently existing GreaseMonkey scripts for Flickr and put together a script that would work for Flickr Rate application, and here it is. In order to install it, you first need to install the GreaseMonkey extension.

Update, Nicolas has updated my script here http://flickrate.gasteroprod.com/flickrate.user.js

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at April 8, 2005 02:12 AM