October 29, 2003

Habeas Corpus - The fat lord tips the scales.

I did a google search for "whigs and tories" whilst researching the history of London and England, of which there is a great deal of coverage on the web, I found this interesting story about Habeas Corpus (a law allowing a prisoner to demand that he should be brought before a court and have his case examined) The law was only just passed in the House of Lords in May 1679. When the votes were counted, there were not enough Lords in favour, so it was decided that one of the Lords, because he happened to be fat, was worth ten votes. It started as a joke, but in fact remained on the statutes.

(quoted from The Open Door Website - A reference source for students and teachers )

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Piercing - One of the weirdest web comics I have ever read

I just read one of the weirdest web comics ever, its by David Geddis and its called
Piercing. Its got great artwork and a great storyline, yet surprisingly theres no dialogue. File under disturbing and unusual :)

Talking of Web Comics I also recently finished reading When I am King which is probably the best web comic ever, IMHO.

Still on the web comics theme, I just checked out the latest Get Your War On which seems to have lost its Oomph of late. Read the earlier episodes for some side splitting political humour. Also worth checking out by the same author are My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable and My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable

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