May 11, 2007

Received some bad news - F2O.ORG is shutting down

I receieved some bad news the other day, who have been kindly hosting my website for the past few years, have decided to pull the plug on their service. so it looks like i will need to find a new host for my site.

Its been a fun ride and I learnt a lot along the way, including PHP, MYSQL, ColdFusion, Javascript, XML, GreaseMonkey, APIs, web services etc etc. I will be sad when it finally closes down, and it will also mean all google links and web links to my site will die, though f2o will be providing a redirection service for a while. It might be a hassle exporting my blog and reimporting it somewhere else and getting all the links to match up. Especially as this blog software is pretty ancient, and im not too au fait with the latest ones on the market, oh well, i had better start backing the site up and looking around for a new host, before they pull the plug. Im surprised the site lasted as long as it did, Daniel Cody the site's founder and the others volunteers did a great job of keeping it running all this time, Bravo!

So long, F2O and thanks for all the halibut! :)


July 31, 2004

Movable Type comment spammers beware - i've just installed MT-Blacklist

The MT-Blacklist plugin for movable type is a brilliant extension for Movable Type and it does a cool job of stopping comment spammers.

You can get the plugin from here:

Its really easy to install and to use! :)

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