August 19, 2004

Free London Travel News alerts via SMS and Email

Transport for London have a free to use service which makes it easy for you to get real time travel news wherever you are.

  • Monitor your favourite routes on the Tube and DLR (for example your route to work and back) and receive details of delays before you reach the station.
  • Receive free text messages on your mobile phone containing real time travel news for your route when you need the information most!
  • Receive an email with the latest real time travel news for Tube & DLR as well the latest local news headlines from BBC London.

November 12, 2003

London By Night

A great photograph of London by night taken from the International Space Station

Larger Version

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September 18, 2003

David Blaine Flash Mob vs Join Me Cult Mash up

2 flash mobs in london in two days? At this rate u wont be able to leave your front door without being caught up in the heaving throng of a Flash mob.

Apparently theres going to be a flash mob in london this evening, details are available at ( i think u have to join yahoo groups before u can view it though )

And this friday afternoon according to theres gonna be flash mob at Davey Blaines Locker (tower bridge). They are going to be attempting to interact with David Blaine by playing some kind of games with him. Sounds interesting, the 2 guys behind it, both called David incidentally, tried to do a Flash Mob at the same location last friday but due to poor planning they were the only 2 to attend, oh well at least they got some coverage in the BBC news website: Link

The interesting thing is theres another internet planned event happening on Friday at the same location, this one being organised by the Join-Me cult (its a cult not a collective) i think thats what they told me to say anyway ;-) they are also planning on going there to try and make david blaines self imprisonment experiment a tad more pleasant for him by showing him support and telling him that not all of london is against him and his crazy antics.

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September 05, 2003

Davey Blaines Locker

"Crikey its the devil himself", ran the main headline of Torn Out's latest issue, its of course referring to David Blaines craptacular affair next to Tower Bridge, in the heart of London, thousands turned out to see his stunt, and waited around 2 hours, only to be totally disappointed by his stinky little trick.

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