November 25, 2004

Breaking out of 3's walled garden - how to surf the web on your 3 mobile phone?

The 3 mobile network in the UK have for reasons best known to themselves, only given access to their own website content on their customers 3G phones. Im sure you would all agree that this is pretty lame.

Well i just thought up a way around it. Its not perfect but it does work, basically it involves sending your requests for webpages via email to a service that grabs that page and then emails it back to you.

This article at Evolt, lists a couple of services of the type I am talking about.

A major selling point of getting a 3 phone at the moment is that it offers free email sending and receiving at present, though this is going to end on 1st December 2004 according to the latest price guide posted on the three website. So till then, I guess this is the only way that 3 phone users can access the multi splendoured delights that the internet offers (well text content only anyway hehe).

Im going to carry on testing out this idea, and will post back the results here. If you have any ideas or experience of doing this already, please let me know, cheers.


UPDATE I tried out the web2email service offered by as mentioned in the Evolt article and it worked extremely well! The only downside is of course the delay between sending the request and getting the email back, and the other being that theres no automatic notification when an email arrives. Anyway useful for doing google searches! And grabbing news headlines from a website? maybe grabbing an RSS feed? any more useful ideas?

FURTHER UPDATE I tried emailing a html web page as an attachment to my 3mail account and found that although you cannot read it in the MSG -> 3mail section, (when you try and read the html attachment, you get an error message saying X Attention Unable to open file. This type of file cannot be read on your handset. Though if you open the phones browser then goto Services and then to Mail, opent the mail and you can view the html attachments ok. Once youve selected the mail with the attachment, you need to click "Attachments" and then click on the file and then download it to view it. Nice :)

I wonder if the e616v's browser can also view web archive files, that would be handy, cos then you could mail a web archive of a site to your phone and browse the site that way. hmmmm need to do some further testing i guess :)

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at November 25, 2004 02:16 AM

Thanks I found this very interesting. Im going to try this I let you know how I got on. Please could you Email me any other information you have. Thanks Jas

Posted by: jas at January 25, 2005 06:15 PM