May 14, 2004

Ive Released a new Genietexter Script called TextitGreetings

New Script: TextitGreetings

No signup required, international sending,

This script lets you send a free predetermined greeting via SMS text message, from a range including International Christmas greetings, International new years greetings, valentines day greetings, mothers day greetings

Usage instructions:
If you havent already downloaded GenieTexter, you will need to do that first. Then you need to use the Service Manager, in the Tools menu to download the script. This script doesnt need a username and password, though the sending page "requires" you to enter your phonenumber and postcode, so just enter your phonenumber and postcode (doesnt have to be your real ones for the username and password and these will be sent to the sending site) Another thing to realise is you will get asked to enter a code number, you can check what code number you need to enter on the web page that should pop up when you click send.

Though the message is a predetermined greeting, u can add something to the end of the message, where it says sent by: xxxx ( the script adds the actual Message that you type for the xxxx part,
you only get 30 characters, but i guess u could enter a small message there

enjoy :D

Posted by steeev to Mobile Communications

at May 14, 2004 04:01 PM