June 08, 2004

Get your mobile phone "unlocked" for free

If you need to unlock your mobile phone so you can use a sim from a different network provider, go to
http://www.uniquephones.com/unlock/ where they offer a free unlocking service. You just have to enter some details about your phone such as the model number, network its currently on and the IMEI number, then the site gives you the codes to type into your phone to unlock it. Just tried it the other day on a nokia 8310 and it worked no problemo! Excellent service, some mobile phone shops charge 20 to 30 quid to unlock phones normally!!!

*UPDATE* I think the uniquephones service is no longer free and they charge a small fee for the unlocking service now. Never fear though, as theres a new free unlocking service in town! :D http://www.trycktill.com/eng/ and it can unlock nokia, LG, panasonic, siemens, vitel and maxon, never heard of the last 2 but there you go :)

Posted by steeev to Mobile Communications

at June 8, 2004 02:07 PM

thank you so much whoever told me 'bout trycktill peace out much luv :)

Posted by: melissa at November 6, 2005 06:13 PM