June 29, 2004

Send Free SMS via email

GenieTexter, the free SMS sending application has a feature to check a pop3 mailbox for emails that are formatted in a special way, i.e with the mobile number you want to send an sms to and the sms message itself, if the message is correctly formatted, GenieTexter pulls out the message and the number from the email and sends the message to that mobile number. Pretty useful feature, if you have got a PC on an always on internet connection. As you could use it to send free SMS from wherever you are, as long as you have access to email.

Theres also another way to send free sms via email, quite a few mobile networks allow you to send an email to a mobile phone if you format the email address as the users mobilenumber@thenetworkswebaddress.

Heres a list of networks that allow this. most of the companies listed seem to be American, but there are a few other countries networks there too. The only downside of this is I think the person receiving the email on their phone might have to pay for the message! This is certainly the case for T-Mobile UK, who I have the utmost disrespect for, due to the fact they are ripping off their customers left right and centre. What if a spammer got hold of this information and started spam emailing your mobile phone! You would very soon either lose all your credit (in the case of a Pay as you go phone) or else go bankrupt in the case of a contract phone!

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hi,i kanta
testing SMS to u

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its nice

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