July 31, 2004

Get GenieTexter to read out your emails to you.

A guy going by the username of AkaDruid suggested this great idea in the GenieTexter forum.

If you used the txt2speech GT script in conjunction with GT's POP3 mail checking function. You could get GT to read out new mails that arrived in your pop3 mailbox. The great thing is you can set up filters in GT to only alert you to important emails.

I couldnt get this idea to work previously, but realised just now that though i had put in all the right settings for the pop3 checking, i hadnt actually started the mail checking function. I had presumed once you entered all the settings, it would automatically go off and start checking. DOH!

Anyway the idea works really well, try it out.

To make it work, you need to install the txt2speech script (using the Service Manager in the Tools menu) then select that script. Then setup the POP3 settings in the Edit/ POP 3 Setup menu. Then start the POP3 checking by selecting File/Start POP3 checking

Posted by steeev to GenieTexter | Mobile Communications

at July 31, 2004 02:54 AM