March 23, 2004

Cool new free SMS Sending program in beta testing.

Genietexter scriptable version (beta) is now available for testing. (GenieTexter)

ive written some sms scripts for use with the new version of genietexter, they can be obtained here: smsac.xml and textmine.xml

The smsac.xml script is for sending sms via the portal. They let you have 8 free texts a day, allowing international texts and also replies to your texts. They also give you 150 free texts as a bonus to use in your first week of signing up, or more if you sign up at the same time as a friend, pretty cool offer. The textmine.xml script is less useful as only give you a one off allowance of 10 free texts but the replies go straight to your phone.

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at March 23, 2004 03:49 PM

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