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RSS Experiments

Flickr Interesting Images from the last 7 days

As Flickr dont yet have an RSS feed for their Interesting Images page, i decided to create one. You can access the feed here: I also made an interestingness feed that attempts to filter out all the boring flower photos you can subscribe to that feed here

Flickr Feed of Flickr Users

I made a feed that lists the photos that have had flickr user machine tags added to them to indicate that flickr users are appearing in the picture. You can get a greasemonkey script that makes the adding of the user machine tags a breeze. The GM script is here. It also displays the buddy icon and buddy menu for each user tagged in the photo. You can access the feed here:

Your Contacts Faves

Another cool feed, created by Alto MaltÚs, Your Contacts faves, is a near real time stream of what images your contacts are "faving". I modified his yahoo pipe to change the size of the images in the stream. You can access the stream here. You need to replace the user_id variable in the URL with the name part of your flickr photostream URL.

*New* Ive started a page listing some of the really cool free software I have found on the web that is really useful to me, and possibly useful to you too :)

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