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  Hi! Im Steeev and I'm going to be using this website kindly hosted by the cool guys at for experimenting with web stuff such as php perl and mysql. I've also just setup a Blog called
Excellatronic Communications.

On this site you can get my cool Greasemonkey scripts for Flickr and also the Facebook Purity GM script for the firefox web browser. The scripts aim to enhance and extend the existing set of Flickr features. The scripts include Flickr Multi Group Sender, FlickrPM, Flickr Contacts Organiser, which lets you tag your contacts, and view them via various data filters. Flickr Groups Organiser, which lets you tag your groups into categories/tags for your convenience, and also offers an easier way of quitting lots of groups in a much shorter time. These and loads more flickr greasemonkey scripts can be obtained here:

Ive also started a page listing some of the really cool free software I have found on the web that is really useful to me, and possibly useful to you too :)

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If you want to contact me, you can email me here