June 08, 2005

GeoTagging Flickr - Over 11,000 images have now been GeoTagged!

The GeoTagging Flickrers have been busy! This map shows the locations of approximately 10,000 GeoTagged Flickr images. Each black dot represents one or more images. View Full Sized Image for a more detailed view.

I downloaded the coordinate data from www.geobloggers.com as a CSV file then plotted it on the world map using the very cool www.gpsvisualizer.com service.

The images that have been geotagged are mainly in the USA/Canada and the UK/Ireland, due to the fact that Google Maps, only covers those areas in great detail at present. Other areas are covered, but only in satellite mode, and only at certain zoom levels, heres a link to South America and heres one for Africa for example.

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at June 8, 2005 08:46 PM