June 09, 2005

GeoTagging the UK with Flickr + StreetMap.co.uk + Greasemonkey

Google Maps coverage of the UK is not as complete as it could be, and a few people asked me to write a geotagging script that utilised StreetMap.co.uk instead of google maps, for adding geotags to Flickr images. So I did, and here they are:

If you have got my geotagging with google maps greasemonkey scripts already installed, you will need to go into the "Tools/Manage User Scripts" menu and disable them before installing/using the geotagging streetmap scripts. If at some point you want to go back to using the geotagging google scripts, you can just disable the streetmap script and reenable the google maps ones.

GeoTagging Flickr via Streetmap.co.uk Script:
Geotag Flickr via streetmap.couk User Script

To install the script, just click the link and select "Tools/Install User Script" from the Firefox menu.

The geotagging process is pretty much the same for this script as with geotagging via google maps. Let me know how you get on, cheers.

N.B This streetmapuk script is only of use for people geotagging the UK. People in other countries should stick with the Google Maps scripts. UPDATE or alternatively i've also written scripts that utilise multimap.com, so people in countries not covered by google maps can also start geotagging :)

And PS, you should all thank Knautia, who gave me an incentive to write the scripts :)

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Posted by steeev to Firefox | Flickr | GeoLocation | GreaseMonkey | Programming

at June 9, 2005 09:46 PM

woo! works a treat, awesome!

Posted by: Phil Wilson at June 15, 2005 12:52 AM