June 21, 2005

GeoTagging Photos WorldWide with MultiMap.com and Flickr

Ive written another Greasemonkey / GeoTagging / Flickr script. This script utilises multimap.com

If you have the geotagging with streetmap.co.uk script installed and you wish to try this scripts out, you should first disable that before trying out the new multimap.com script.

You can get the new script here:

To install this script you need Firefox + Greasemonkey to be installed.

The only major difference between this scripts and the older ones is when you click the "Add GeoTags" link on the flickr photo page, instead of being presented with an input box to enter the location data, you are instead redirected to the multimap.com site. When you get to the site, you should select the country you wish to search in and then enter the location data into the form, and from there locate the position that you would like to geotag the image with. Once you have pinpointed the location, just click the "Add GeoTags" link which should then be located beneath the map. And from there the procedure is the same as with the other GeoTagging scripts ive written.

BTW This script also adds a tag for the country name.

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