Flickr Mobile Search / Visual Dictionary / Universal Translator

Flickr the photo sharing website has a Mobile version of its site, its a nice interface for viewing the flickr website on a mobile phone, though its lacking a lot of features. One of these features is a tag search. So ive written a Flickr Tag Search for mobile devices.

As originally suggested by Phillip Torone of Make magazine, the search could also be used as a communication device, or visual dictionary, i.e say you were in a place where you didnt know the language and needed to ask for something you could look up a picture of the thing you required and show it to them, and hopefully they would understand. After all a picture is worth a thousand words right?

Get Started: Mobile Search / Visual Dictionary / Universal Translator. Theres also a PC version at the same URL, to change to PC mode just click the "change to PC mode" link. The difference between the two pages is that the Mobile version just returns 3 images at a time, and when you click the thumnail image, it takes you to a slightly larger version of the image, whereas the PC version returns 20 images per page, and clicking the thumbnail image takes you to the large version of the image on the website.

For international users, you can view the search page in the following languages, i know the translation isnt perfect, but its better than nothing right? :)

I have also produced a list of popular international tags, based on the list of popular tags that flickr provides, though flickrs list of tags is mainly in english as thats the language the majority of the Flickr users speak at present. To make my list i translated the popular list of english tags into various languages to see whether those tags are popular in other languages too. Heres the list

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