P.D.I ( Personal Data Interchange )

Ive recently been experimenting with vCard + vCalendar technologies, i think they are really cool, offering cross PIM (Personal Information Manager) compatibility for contacts and appointments/events.

Ive rewritten the vCal UDF by Chris Wigginton (cwigginton@macromedia.com) as a custom tag for backwards compatibility with previous versions of cold fusion. The original UDF is available at CFLib the UDF repository here vCal

new "improved" vcal customtag: example / view source

Ive also added some extra functionality to the vCard custom tag. The original version of which is available at The MacroMedia Developers Exchange here CFvCard v1.3

new "improved" vcard customtag: example / view source

More info on vCard and vCalendar technology can be found at http://www.imc.org/pdi/

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