April 28, 2007

Flickr Contacts Organiser and Groups Organiser Greasemonkey scripts Updated

Ive updated both my Flickr Contacts Organiser and Flickr Groups Organiser greasemonkey scripts. They can now both save their data (tags) to and restore from the users flickr mail account. These features are available from the Firefox Tools/Greasemonkey/User Commands menu.

Ive also fixed a few bugs in both of them, for instance the bug where the datastore got corrupted for no apparent reason. BTW if you suffered this problem, the new version of the script will detect certain problems and try and fix them. Ive also disallowed the use of quote marks in tags, as this was causing a problem for some people. If you put quotes in a tag, the script will just simply strip them out.

One interesting thing that the backup and restore feature opens up is the ability to transfer your tag datastore to another computer or even another user via flickrmail. At present when you import a tags datastore, it completely wipes out the old one, but in future versions you may be able to merge datastores. Transferring contact tags datastores to another user isnt so problematic as transferring a group tags datastore, as with contacts organiser you dont need to be a have a user as a contact to be able to tag them, but with groups organiser you do need to be a member of a group before you can tag it. So if the users sharing their tags datastore arent members of the same groups, there will be problems. Of course one solution would be to automatically ask the user if they want to join the groups that are tagged and they arent members of. Anyway maybe thats a feature for another day.

You can get the updated versions of the scripts as usual from here: http://steeev.freehostia.com/flickr

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