August 12, 2004

PDF to HTML conversion Bookmarklet

I just wrote a bookmarklet for converting PDF documents to HTML. The conversion tool I am using in the bookmarklet is the one at the Adobe website.

Here is my PDF to HTML converter bookmarklet:

PDF to HTML Bookmarklet

Either drag this link to your browser's toolbar or right click it and add it to your bookmarks/favourites. Then when you want to convert a PDF document to HTML simply click the link in your toolbar or click the bookmark/favourite.

When you activate the bookmarklet it asks you if you want to convert the current browser document, if the current document in your browser is a PDF file and is the one you want to convert then click the "OK" button, if the PDF document you want to convert is not currently loaded in your browser, but you have the link for it, click cancel, then you will be presented with a dialog box that asks you to type/paste in the URL of the PDF document you want to convert to HTML.

The conversion is pretty basic, it basically seems to just strip out any textual content from the PDF and create an HTML document with that.

UPDATE 15/01/2005 This bookmarklet no longer works, please see my new updated bookmarklet

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at August 12, 2004 05:10 PM