September 18, 2003

Join Me!

I'm reading a fantastic book at the moment, which was given to me by my mate Simon, in a random act of kindness. The book is called Join-Me, and its about a guy who set up a cult one day because he was bored. The purpose of the cult is to do random acts of kindness and to recruit more members, theres a Join Me website where u can read more about it.

Just finished reading the book about an hour ago, and whilst examining the inside cover, i noticed a bookcrossing sticker, looks like simon has registered it on the bookcrossing website So tomorrow I am going to re-release the book into the wild, possibly to my older brother, or maybe a complete stranger, who knows.

The book is available to buy at amazon for 6.99 Link or from BOL for 3.99 Link unfortunately BOL dont allow direct linking to their books, so u need to do a search for "danny wallace" (the author of the book), as searching for the title "join me" doesnt get the correct result. The shop price of this book is 9.99 so its a bit of a bargain buying it online!

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at September 18, 2003 01:24 PM