September 24, 2003

Back on the road.

Finally got round to taking my bike out for a spin. Initially I was treating it as a test run, to ascertain what exactly was wrong with the gears, so i could tell the guy in the shop exactly what needed to be fixed, but in the end, i figured there are enough functional gears to get around so what the hex? I thought i could save myself a few quid and get the blasted gears fixed some other time.

Bought some oil, a hex spanner kit and a back light for my bike, also cycled down to Tescos for an extended test of the bikes capabilities. Upon arrival I was shocked to discover that they actually had in some of their tasty yet cheap tinned chicken curry, the last 3 or 4 times i went their specifically for this item they were sold out, this time i just went there on a whim and they had it, hallelujah, hopefully they havent changed the recipe, and the can i had last time wasnt just a fluke. I found the Asda tinned curry atrocious as it leaves a horrible aftertaste in my mouth.

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at September 24, 2003 09:12 PM